Faith in Nature coconut shampoo review

Faith in Nature coconut shampoo

I received a sample of this shampoo with my usual monthly purchase of toiletries and I wasn’t disappointed. Firstly, the smell is gorgeous – tropical coconut. I absolutely love all things coconut, but sometimes the fragrance doesn’t smell natural. This one does.

Secondly, this shampoo cleans very well indeed, and left my hair shiny and soft on the ends. It’s intended for dry or normal hair types. It performs great on my colour treated and dry hair!

On the downside the shampoo contains ammonium laureth sulfate, a surfactant which cleans well but could be irritating. Not as irritating as sodium lauryl sulfate/sodium laureth sulfate (aka SLS). You can read why ALS is less irritating than SLS on Green People’s blog, but basically ALS molecules are bigger, meaning they can’t penetrate as easily as SLS molecules.

Product manufacturers really don’t need to use either ALS or SLS, which is why I probably wouldn’t buy a full sized bottle of this shampoo. I have psoriasis on my scalp so need to be extra careful not to irritate it. Milder surfactants do exist!

If you have a bolder scalp than I, give this one a go. It’s good value for money, works well, and smells heavenly.

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