Green People Children spearmint and aloe toothpaste review

My first teeth came through on Christmas day! The bottom two at the front. Mummy has been brushing my new teeth everyday since they came through.

Mummy has looked into what toothpaste to use. She’s worried about using fluoride, as I am still so young. Fluoride is not the only worry, as many toothpastes contain undesirable ingredients like PEGs, SLS, etc.

I think mummy is right to worry about fluoride, despite recommendations by the NHS that babies use a fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride is a neurotoxin. Babies are more susceptible to developing fluorosis, which in mild cases causes white flecks on the teeth, and in more severe cases, leads to tooth mottling.

Scientists disagree on its safety. Studies remain in contradiction. A quick Google is enough to make mummy’s brain spin. It doesn’t make sense to use a toxic substance in this way on someone so young. Many dentists say the benefits outweigh the risks, but are they overlooking the wider view?

What we need is a gentle, fluoride-free, baby-safe toothpaste.

Mummy has decided to go for Green People child spearmint and aloe toothpaste. We might progress to a fluoride toothpaste later, if the evidence ever becomes clear. Mummy uses Lavera sensitive toothpaste.

Green People child spearmint and aloe toothpaste contains no nasty foaming agents. I love its natural minty taste! Its main ingredient is calcium carbonate, which acts as a mild abrasive to help clean teeth. The colour is a bit grey but shows the toothpaste has been manufactured without unnecessary whitening agents like titanium dioxide.

My teeth feel clean and I am learning how to brush my teeth without ingesting unwanted chemicals!

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