Mummy reviews: Eco Cosmetics Green Tea and Pomegranate Shower Gel

When I need to spend less on toiletries I look out for cheaper or longer lasting shower gel alternatives. While it would be nice to bathe in luxury every day, I'm a girl who doesn't mind scrimping on shower gels.

Eco Cosmetics Green Tea and Pomegranate Shower Gel is such a good value for money shower gel.

The scent is more green tea than pomegranate. What does fresh pomegranate smell like, anyway? I used to really like green tea scents, but really, green tea does not smell like that! It's more of a citrus, astringent type smell. If you liked CK One in the nineties, you will probably like this. In fact, all Eco Cosmetics products I've tried have this fragrance! So you'd better like it if you're using multiple of them.

This shower gel cleans very well without irritating my sensitive skin. Also, some patchy dryness on my shins has cleared up since using it! My psoriasis hasn't been affected by the gel.

Most shower gels work, but the measure of a good shower gel is whether it cleans without drying out the skin. This one can. Definitely one to stash for your bathroom basics.


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