Mummy reviews: Martina Gebhardt Propolis Cream

My husband gifted me this Martina Gebhardt Propolis Cream last Christmas. It's still on the shelf now despite me quite liking it, as it's a bit too rich for daily use on my combination skin. I use it once a week, usually to give extra moisturisation after a clay mask. It's so rich I also use it as a hand cream, with good results.

The ingredient propolis is what made my husband buy it. We'd used propolis supplements to help with egg quality when trying to conceive Jonah. I would say it was very successful. So imagine that in a cream!

After unwrapping it I immediately checked all the ingredients. Being pregnant I didn't want any nasties in my skin cream. This cream doesn't disappoint, the ingredients are ideal for those looking to avoid dangerous ingredients; however there are some crazy things in there like silver and gold.

This pale yellow cream comes in a jar and you'll need clean fingers to scoop some out.
It's thick and rich and smells strongly of honey and lemon. The feel is comfortingly reminiscent of Pond's cold cream from the old days.

It leaves a shiny look to the face but if you're wearing mineral foundation over it, it'll stick like a good 'un, and the shine will be absorbed.

The cream claims to reduce inflammation, help with healing, and improve skin tone. Whether that is true I cannot say, however propolis seems to be a powerful ingredient. See this article on the benefits of propolis in skincare.

If you have dry skin this may be a good daily cream for you. If your normal, oily or combination skin needs a treat, it would also work well.


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