Mummy reviews: Odylique Herb Shampoo

We've been using Odylique by Essential Care Herb Shampoo for a couple of weeks now. I recently weaned my husband off Head and Shoulders and he did have a bit of a moan about this shampoo, with its lack of suds and sludgy appearance. The manufacturer claims it can be used on baby too, but since I'm still wading through a giant bottle of Weleda Calendula shampoo and body wash for little J, I've yet to try it on him.

It is suitable for problem scalps, although it didn't make a lick of difference to my psoriasis riddled scalp. Meh, I've given up hope of any external product helping with that. If you're migrating from a product with harsh detergents you may well see a difference.

What attracted me to Odylique Herb Shampoo was the beautiful packaging. Yes, I am a sucker for a pretty packet.

However the packet is where the prettiness ends. To be frank, this product looks like sludge. It has the kind of look that instils the feeling it must be doing some good because it looks so functional.

The fragrance is slightly soapy but without any kind of herbal smell I was expecting.

It doesn't lather very well, but this is because the product uses natural coconut oil and no harsh lathering ingredients. It does actually feel as if it's getting my hair clean, although I need three pumps to cover my fine long hair.

My hair is left clean and shiny, with no fragrance. I do enjoy a subtle fragrance and scent is a definite factor is my purchasing decision, so lack of robs some of my joy.

Hair dries and responds well to styling after use. My hair is dyed and suffers slight dryness so contrary to the manufacturer's claims, I do need to use an additional conditioner.

Beautiful packaging and effective product, but for the price, I probably won't buy this again. If you have a sensitive or itchy scalp, though, it might be just what you need.


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