Jonah reviews: Weleda White Mallow Nappy Change Cream

This Weleda White Mallow nappy change cream was the first nappy cream Mummy bought for me before I was born. She continues to use it today, having bought three tubes in the six months I've been here.

It's so long lasting we're still working through two of the tubes and one remains unopened!

After each nappy change, Mummy smooths a tiny bit of this nappy change cream on as a preventative measure.

What a fantastic product! Twelve newborn nappy changes a day, no nappy rash. Two new teeth, no nappy rash! Accidentally sitting in a dirty nappy for a few hours, no problem!

This nappy change cream contains no petroleum based nasties. Sesame and coconut oils nourish my delicate skin, while zinc oxide acts as a barrier to prevent dampness causing any problems. It is fragrance free.

We highly recommend this product to all mummies and babies!


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