Fragrance and sense of smell in pregnancy

As a pregnant lady, I got a lot of advice about strange pregnancy cravings, food aversions, and morning sickness. One thing I was not prepared for was how much my sense of smell would change while pregnant, and beyond.

Nearly eight months on, I feel I may never enjoy fragrance like I used to. I say fragrance and not scent, because my delight over natural scents hasn't diminished. It's the smell of artificial perfume and cologne I can't stand, and this started very early in my pregnancy.

Suddenly any perfume in the office would make me come over nauseous. I couldn't stand to wear my previously loved perfumes, either. It was so weird as I was such a fragrance junky before being pregnant!

It makes sense that our pregnant selves should avoid artificial chemicals, and so our bodies tune up to avoid them and cleverly reduce chemical exposure to our developing fetus.

As most mums will tell you, the smell of your precious baby is the most beautiful and delicious smell in the world. Perhaps being a mother resets all expectations about what smells good?

I've always felt like I'm searching for the perfect fragrance and never found it, now I have my son my search seems to be over, as we snuggle up and his warm milky smell is all I need. :)))


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