Skin Organics Beauty Sleep Box review

Skin Organics Beauty Sleep Box

I was so pleased to be sent Skin Organics Beauty Sleep Box to review, since I’ve been reading all about Skin Organics and their beauty boxes on Facebook. And boy, do I need this box in my life right now. Let me tell you why.

First, we’ve all had a cold, and I’ve been struck with sinusitis – not conducive to a good night’s sleep. I have no problem getting to sleep, but I wake up too early. It’s not good when Jonah wakes me a few times through the night, as well.

Second, we’re trying to conceive, and it’s been 4 months. I know this is nothing in the grand scheme of things, but I’m starting to feel a little stressed about it and I’m sure it’s affecting my sleep. I know pregnancy will happen with time, but it happened so easily with Jonah.

So, I’m really grateful for this box. The timing is perfect, and I can’t wait to see how it can help improve my sleep.

Unboxing Skin Organics Beauty Sleep Box

When I opened the box, I was delighted with the packaging. Everything was wrapped in tissue paper and string, which looked so lovely!

Skin Organics Beauty Sleep Box packaging

Here’s what was inside the box.

Organdle Dreamer Candle

I first heard of Organdle through the LoveLula Natural Beauty Club. Their candles have great green creds – made using eco soy wax, 100% organic food grade essential oils, with a cotton wick.

Organdle Dreamer Candle

The Dreamer candle contains clary sage, green mandarin, chamomile, and clove. How do these ingredients aid sleep? Clary sage has been used for centuries to relieve insomnia and balance hormones. Mandarin has a calming effect and can help reduce pain. Chamomile is the ultimate soothing essential oil. Note: do not use in pregnancy since clary sage can induce contractions.

Watching the candle gently flicker is a great way to relax, and it smells beautiful. I feel like the candle improves my mood, and on occasion it helped with my head and sinus pain. I’ll definitely keep Organdle in mind for future purchases of scented candles.

Organdle Dreamer Candle Mini

Buy Now – £13 at Organdle

Kiss The Moon Dream Bedtime Bath Salts

I’ve previously tried and loved Kiss The Moon Dream Bedtime Bath Salts. The salts contain lavender and bergamot, a classic sleep inducing blend to soothe and relax body and mind.

Kiss The Moon Dream Bedtime Bath Salts

The bath salts are made from magnesium sulfate (epsom salts) and sea salt. Epsom salts are pretty amazing. They promote serotonin whilst reducing adrenaline production. Magnesium is fantastic for settling restlessness and aiding sleep. Many people are deficient in this key mineral and a bath soak can count towards a healthy intake.

These bath salts certainly do help me to sleep beautifully. They smell lovely and the heat from the bath really helps me to relax.

Kiss The Moon Dream Bedtime Bath Salts

Buy Now – £20 at LoveLula


There’s a lot of buzz about the Spacemask online, so naturally I couldn’t wait to put this on. It contains two very simple ingredients: jasmine and iron particles.

Spacemask - interstellar relaxation

I do think jasmine is such a thoughtful ingredient to use in an eye mask to aid relaxation. The jasmine plant only flowers at night. It’s absolutely one of my favourite scents. Jasmine stimulates serotonin production, leading to an uplifted mood. The iron particles in the eye mask react with oxygen in the air to gently warm the mask, adding to the relaxing effect.

I’m not a great fan of eye masks, but I did find the Spacemask surprisingly relaxing. The smell is so delicate and lovely. I slid it down over my sinus area to help with the pain there, which was very comforting.


Buy Now – £15 for 5 at

JUN-i Face Oil

I hadn’t heard of JUN-i before receiving my Skin Organics Beauty Sleep Box, and I really love this brand’s simple ethos!

JUN-i Face Oil

Their face oil is perfect for oil cleansing – a stripped back cleanser containing just jojoba and almond oils, vitamin E, raspberry seed oil, and lemon essential oil.

It’s a wise choice for cleansing combination skin, since jojoba oil can help control breakouts. The raspberry seed oil it contains is anti-aging and may reduce the look of wrinkles. It also offers some sun protection.

I found this oil cleansed my skin beautifully, including eye makeup. I was expecting it to be hard to get off after application, since it feels quite thick to apply. However it’s actually really easy to get off. My skin was glowing afterwards and well into the next day.

JUN-i Face Oil

Buy Now – £15 at JUN-i

Pink&Green Relax & Restore Bath Oil

I was really excited to discover Pink&Green through this bath oil. The soporific blend of bergamot, lavender, and benzoin in a coconut oil base will help you to relax.

Pink&Green Relax & Restore Bath Oil

Bergamot and lavender combine to make a traditional aromatherapy blend to aid sleep. Benzoin has a sedative effect, relieving tension and stress from the body. The bath oil can also be used as a shower oil – simply massage into your skin while in the shower, then leave it a few minutes before towel drying.

This bath oil has a beautiful delicate smell. It’s herbal and citrus but not overpowering. The smell of benzoin adds a complexity to the fragrance, and it is completely relaxing. As Pink&Green state, a bath is the best way to take in essential oils, since a large area of the body is exposed.

I loved taking a bath with this oil! I also used it in the shower, and I’ll definitely be reaching for it again to help me recharge. My skin felt so soft after using it!

Pink&Green Relax & Restore Bath Oil

Buy Now – £20 at Pink&Green

Final thoughts on Skin Organics Beauty Sleep Box

I absolutely did sleep better because of the lovely products in this box. I’m terrible for working right up to the point before I go to bed – how else would I blog? But I realise this probably isn’t helping my health a great deal. That’s why I love this box. Each thoughtfully chosen product has helped improve my sleep by helping me to unwind before bed.

I’m going to make an effort to unplug earlier more often, and the products in my Skin Organics Beauty Sleep Box are really helping me to respect a healthy bedtime ritual.

How to subscribe to Skin Organics Beauty Box

You can subscribe to receive a Skin Organics Beauty Box from £21 each month, build your own box, or buy a gift card. There’s a vegan option, too. What I love about this box is that it really is clean! There are no hidden nasties lurking in this subscription box, so you won’t be disappointed.

Skin Organics Beauty Sleep Box

Buy Now – £23 at Skin Organics

What are your favourites ways to sleep better? Let me know in the comments!

Disclosure: I received Skin Organics Beauty Sleep Box to review by Skin Organics. My opinions are unbiased and my own.

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  1. Those bath salts sound amazing. There is nothing like winding down after a long day in a hot bath. I’m sending you lots of positive thoughts and vibes on your conception journey. <3

    1. Thanks so much, Stefanie! I need those good vibes 😊 the salts are lovely. So soothing.

  2. What a fun subscription box to check out!

  3. I recently decided to try a new cleanser. I feel the one that I’ve been using for years is no longer vibing with my skin. The face oil sounds really good. On this subscription, do you get the same products each time, or does it vary?

    1. Oh, I hate when that happens! The face oil is just gorgeous, I love it. The contents of the box change each month. I believe this one was November’s box. You can make your own box, which I is a great idea! I hadn’t heard of many of these brands before trying this box – they’re totally on the pulse!

  4. What a fun subscription box. I never get enough “Beauty” sleep. I will have to try this.

    1. Definitely recommend it! Worked wonders for me.

  5. I hadn’t heard of this box. Looks amazing. I need those bath salts! 🙂


    1. Totally, they’re amazing! So relaxing. 🙂

  6. Such a lovely review! We’re huge fans of Skin Organics boxes at Organdle <3

    1. Thank you Gina! I really loved this box, and my Dreamer Organdle!

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