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Pure Skin Lab

Since publishing this article, sadly Pure Skin Lab is closed.

The best thing about Instagram is meeting like-minded people. I’m super-proud to be connected with so many healthy, natural, and inspirational people. Instagram is how I met Caroline Huber, founder of Pure Skin Lab.

I’m so excited to tell you lovelies about Pure Skin Lab. It’s a really comprehensive one-stop online natural beauty store with values right up there with so many of my readers. I’d love to share with you my experience of using the store. It’s helped me find the best quality natural beauty and wellness products, and I know it can help you too!

Like so many mamas, Caroline started to scrutinise skincare ingredients after the birth of her children. Once she began to learn about the chemicals in skincare products, she transitioned into choosing only natural and organic beauty and skincare and for herself and her family.

Searching for clean products, and frustrated with the online experience, Caroline was inspired to pull together the range of products she found lacking in other stores, and founded her own online store. Isn’t that totally inspirational?

The motto of the store is

Love yourself and love your cells

Yup, every cell in your body! That’s why Pure Skin Lab believe beauty is more than skin deep, and take a holistic approach to wellbeing that includes not only respecting your skin using natural products, but also exercise, healthy and mindful eating, and good mental health.

All Pure Skin Lab products reflect this mantra.

With high standards for the range, Pure Skin Lab works hard to make sure all products are safe yet effective. You’ll find no harsh chemicals, parabens, SLS, or microbeads. The range of natural beauty products is cruelty-free and environmentally aware.

Working closely with brands, Pure Skin Lab is proud to support quality ethical brands with their own stories to tell. There’s a large selection including some brands I know and love, and some that are new to me and waiting to be discovered.

The Pure Skin Lab experience

I lose myself for a good while browsing this store. With lovely bright images, it’s well designed and easy to use. Products are separated into categories including women, men, teen, baby and child, gifts, wellness, vegan, and travel – so easy to find!

A lot of work has gone into helping me choose the right product. For instance, all the products in the mother-to-be category are suitable for pregnant mamas.

And it’s really easy to search the store and keep products in a wishlist for future shops.

The inspirational Pure Skin Lab blog covers health, beauty, and wellbeing topics and makes for an informative read.

Pure Skin Lab products

The number of products available at Pure Skin Lab is seriously impressive. You won’t need to look elsewhere for your natural beauty, health, and wellness goodies – the store will cater to every need!

Here’s what I picked from Pure Skin Lab.

I looked to natural beauty brand Odylique, since I’ve tried their gentle shampoo and have been curious to try their skincare as well. They’re super clean, which is ideal for me as I’m 7 months pregnant. I chose 2 full size products for myself.

Naturally I gravitated towards the baby and child category because my baby is due in November. I’m currently using Kokoso Baby Hair and Body Wash on my toddler, and was curious to learn about their newborn products, too.

When my beautifully packaged box of products arrived, I was so delighted. Caroline had included a few other products for me to try, including some travel size Odylique products, and some products from brands I hadn’t heard of, which really made my day. Plus a reusable coffee cup – always a win!

The store uses recyclable packaging, responsibly sourced, and bearing the FSC Forest Stewardship Council stamp.

Let’s take a look at what I picked.

Odylique 3 in 1 Maca Mask

Clay masks are a weekly treat for me, although since I fell pregnant and over summer I’ve needed them less – thanks pregnancy skin! With the change of the season I’ve started back with my clay masks, and this is my top pick for this season.

Odylique 3 in 1 Maca Mask

Like most masks, Odylique 3 in 1 Maca Mask promises a smooth and radiant complexion. What I love about this mask is that along with purifying green and white clays, it also exfoliates with gentle and soothing grains of oats and cane sugar.

As the name suggests, it contains the wonderful maca root powder which may improve skin’s firmness and boost its ability to protect itself.

Depending on your skin’s needs, you can customise this powdered mask with the liquid you add. I use Odylique Calming Rose Super Tonic, but you can also use other floral waters, yogurt, and dare I even add a dash of breast milk once my milk comes back in? It’s so good for skin!

This mask leaves me with glowing, refined skin and the satisfaction of customising and mixing my own mask. Finding this little gem on Pure Skin Lab has made me so happy!

Odylique 3 in 1 Maca Mask

Buy Now – £20

Odylique Calming Rose Super Tonic

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know about my love affair with romantic rose waters. Odylique Calming Rose Super Tonic is a little bit different. A super tonic indeed, consisting of a hydrosol mixed with calendula extract.

Odylique Calming Rose Super Tonic

Naturally, it smells absolutely glorious and boasts all the benefits of other rose waters – hydrating, refreshing, soothing, pH restoring, and perfect for a multitude of skin and hair uses. I use mine as a toner after cleansing, to mix with my Odylique 3 in 1 Maca Mask, and to refresh and lift my spirits.

I especially love the beautiful frosted glass bottle. The mist pump really sprays fine and wide.

I’ll be reaching for this again and again, especially since I’m heavily pregnant and extra hot!

Odylique Calming Rose Super Tonic

Buy Now – £15

Odylique Lemon & Tea Tree Purifying Wash

I completely wasn’t expecting to receive this lovely travel size wash in my box – thanks so much Pure Skin Lab! As it happens, it’s absolutely ideal for my combination skin type.

Odylique Lemon & Tea Tree Purifying Wash

This beautifully scented gel is light and smooth. It gently lifts dirt and and purifies the skin with a mild antiseptic effect. I use mine after a creamy cleanser to deep cleanse and refresh my skin.

Odylique Lemon & Tea Tree Purifying Wash

Buy Now – £20

Odylique Timeless Rose Moisturiser

Another bonus item in my box – a gorgeous rose moisturiser that packs some serious skincare benefits and is perfect for my combination and maturing skin. With protective antioxidants and regenerative rose oil and rose hydrolat, it helps to calm redness and restore the skin. I love that this cream also contains rosehip and sea buckthorn to promote skin renewal.

Odylique Timeless Rose Moisturiser

I really feel like this day moisturiser is making a great difference to my skin. It calms the spider veins on my face, and my skin is so soft without being overloaded. I also love how light this cream is, making my morning routine a little bit faster.

I sense a full size purchase coming on!

Odylique Timeless Rose Moisturiser

Buy Now – £25

Kokoso Baby Newborn Essentials Kit

This Kokoso Baby newborn essentials kit makes such a thoughtful gift for a mama-to-be or new mama.

The moment I first tried Kokoso Baby Hair and Body Wash on Jonah, it was love! In fact, I stole it and used it in my shower. What? I’m helping him use up the bottle! 🙂

Kokoso Baby Hair and Body Wash

I chose this kit for our beautiful little yet-to-be-born, so I’ve not yet tested all the products because I don’t want to open them until our baby’s first bath – which we’ll delay as long as we can. Although I can tell you how much I love Kokoso Baby Fragranced Hair and Body Wash. Did I mention how much I love it? 🙂

Also included in the kit is the signature Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil. Use this organic multipurpose, head-to-toe baby oil as a body butter, bottom balm, massage oil, and any other use you can find for it!

Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil

It’s full of natural beneficial nutrients; unrefined, unbleached, and undeodorised to ensure it retains all the healthy properties of coconuts. This pure and light coconut oil quickly sinks into your baby’s skin.

I can’t wait to try it on both my babes, and myself!

The kit also contains this cute little Kokoso Baby Natural Konjac Baby Bath Sponge for gentle cleaning.

Kokoso Natural Konjac Baby Sponge

Konjac sponges are so soft and perfect for cleaning brand new skin. They have antioxidant properties and even help balance the skin’s pH levels. Amazing!

I love Kokoso so much, expect a full review of all their products really soon.

Kokoso Baby Collection

Buy Now – £44.99

Final thoughts on Pure Skin Lab

I’m so happy I met Caroline and discovered Pure Skin Lab. This comprehensive one-stop store aligns perfectly with my values as a mama trying to keep her brood healthy, and enjoy some self-care along the way.

Time is so precious, and I love how the store is designed to save time searching for and buying natural beauty, health, and wellbeing products.

Would you like to try Pure Skin Lab? Use voucher code NAT15 to take 15% off your order until 31st December 2018 (excludes gift vouchers).

Will you try Pure Skin Lab? Let me know in the comments!

Disclosure: I was gifted Pure Skin Lab products. My views are honest and my own.

Pure Skin Lab is a one-stop online natural beauty, health, and wellbeing store. Learn how this store can help you save time choosing and buying natural and organic products.

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  1. I’m going to have to check out this brand! I’m obsessed with skincare and always looking for new natural products to try! The Maca Mask sounds amazing!

    1. I’m sure you’ll love Odylique! I’m so glad I chose these products.

  2. These sound great! Thanks for sharing. I bet they all smell heavenly, some of my fav scents!

    1. Ahhh they really do! Quite lovely! I love the lemon and tea tree wash, it’s so refreshing.

  3. Wow love all of the extensive research for each product!

    1. Thank you, Heather! Skincare is my passion! 🙂

  4. That baby newborn kit is exactly what I need. I wish they have samples I can try in the US or do you know about that?

    1. Hi Linda, I can’t find samples but Scandiborn stock the products at – hope this helps!

  5. I’m expecting my first child and more aware of clean skincare now more than ever. This brand sounds great. I’m so curious about the mask! Thanks for the great review.

    1. How lovely – congratulations! It’s a great time to clean your routine. The mask is really gorgeous. 🙂

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