Sophie the Giraffe Baby skincare review

Sophie the Giraffe Baby skincare

I’ll preface this post by giving massive thanks to Pure Skin Lab for sending me this lovely Sophie the Giraffe Baby skincare set when Cara was born. It was a lovely surprise and I felt so happy when I opened the wonderful box with mama and baby gifts inside.

Sophie the Giraffe Baby skincare has been around a while now, and I’ve longed to try it since discovering the range when we bought a Sophie the Giraffe teether for my son, Jonah.

Il était une fois ~ Once upon a time

“Sophie la Girafe” has been well-loved since 1961 as a natural and healthy teething toy, so the skincare range has a lot of history to live up to.

My first impressions of the range are that it’s both very elegant and good quality. I would also say luxury, since the hair and body wash costs £14.

The entire range is Ecocert certified natural and organic, and suitable for sensitive skin.

What do I love most about the range?

The beautiful natural fragrance of soft vanilla that’s used across the entire range really appeals. It won’t overpower your baby’s natural smell, but it still lingers a little after use. It’s so soft and delicate, and just lovely for babies.

Sophie the Giraffe packaging design

Another thing I love is that the entire range is 100% vegan – no beeswax or lanolin at all.

Thirdly, I love the packaging design – it’s very elegant. Sophie looks as iconic as the Eiffel Tower proudly adorning the front of the bottles. If you’re planning a beautiful nursery and want perfect baby skincare products to complement it, here you are.

Sophie the Giraffe Baby skincare

Let’s take a look at the entire range.

Hair & Body Wash

This gel wash shifts grime, but is gentle enough to use on a one month old. It foams a little, but not overly so. Both my children have soft, detangled, sweet smelling hair after I wash them with it.

Sophie the Giraffe Baby Hair & Body Wash

It has some lovely ingredients including white tea to protect the skin during washing, lavender water and oat milk to soothe sensitive and allergy-prone skin, and cotton to moisturise, condition, and deal with tangles.

Sophie the Giraffe Baby Hair & Body Wash

Buy Now – £13.99 at Pure Skin Lab

Bubble Bath

My toddler really loves this one. It’s quite thick and needs to be squeezed from the tube. Like the others in the range, it smells lovely. It creates a fair amount of bubbles that last quite some time in the bath. A fun way to get clean all over!

Sophie the Giraffe Baby Bubble Bath

White tea fortifies the skin and provides antioxidant protection, and lavender water prevents skin irritations. Reassuringly, the cleansing and foaming ingredients are of vegetable origin.

Sophie the Giraffe Baby Bubble Bath

Buy Now – £13.99 at Pure Skin Lab

Face Cream

This is a light but rich cream that prevents moisture from evaporating on the skin. I use this most days on Cara’s cheeks and forehead since they tend to get a little dry. I’m impressed with it! Her skin has healed well since we started to use it.

Sophie the Giraffe Baby Face Cream

White tea features again – in the face cream it protects the skin from UVA rays and pollution. Lavender water soothes redness and irritation. Nourishing jojoba oil protects the skin, while shea butter prevents moisture evaporation. Nordic blueberry oil extract soothes and strengthens delicate skin.

Sophie the Giraffe Baby Face Cream

Buy Now – £13.99 at Pure Skin Lab

SOS Cream Face & Body

This is a handy multipurpose cream for face and body. It’s thicker and richer than the face cream. We’ve used it as a nappy rash cream, where it’s brought down redness and soothed the nappy area. We’ve also used it as a weather protecting face cream. A few dabs on the cheeks and forehead brings peace of mind that my children’s skin is protected from winter sun and wind. It doesn’t leave white marks like some suncreams, although there’s no UV rating given to the protection.

Sophie the Giraffe SOS Cream Face & Body

There are some really lovely ingredients in this cream to protect and pamper your baby’s skin. White tea fortifies the skin and provides antioxidant protection. Macadamia wax and shea butter form a protective yet breathable layer on the skin. Aloe vera and lavender water soothe, while thyme and tea tree extract help to prevent and relieve inflammation.

Sophie the Giraffe Baby SOS Cream Face & Body

Buy Now – £16.99 at Pure Skin Lab

Body Lotion

We use this on the back of Jonah’s arms which have recently become rough with the weather. It’s a rich body lotion, yet it absorbs quickly. The consistency is quite thick, and I prefer that over a runny lotion which runs through my fingers and drips on the floor! The fragrance is a little different to the others, it’s slightly spicier. It’s definitely improved Jonah’s arms with a few applications after his bath.

Sophie the Giraffe Baby Body Lotion

As for the ingredients, there’s antioxidant white tea, jojoba oil, cocoa butter and shea butter to moisturise and protect, lavender water to soothe and prevent irritation, and skin-loving oat milk to moisturise, soothe, and relieve inflammation.

Sophie the Giraffe Baby Body Lotion

Buy Now – £16.99 at Pure Skin Lab

Baby Oil

This beautiful baby oil is perfect for baby massage and cleaning the nappy area. It smells divine, probably a bit bolder than the rest of the range. I like to use this for a little massage for Cara after her bath. I really love the flip top opening which controls the amount coming through – only a small amount is needed.

Sophie the Giraffe Baby Baby Oil

Like all Sophie the Giraffe products, the baby oil contains fortifying white tea for antioxidant protection. It also contains lavender extract to soothe the skin in a base of sunflower, olive, jojoba, and apricot kernel oil to nourish, moisturise and protect.

Sophie the Giraffe Baby Baby Oil

Buy Now – £16.99 at Pure Skin Lab

Final thoughts on Sophie the Giraffe Baby skincare

Sophie the Giraffe Baby skincare is the perfect way to pamper and protect your baby’s skin. It would make the perfect gift for a new mum. The skincare is gentle, safe, and certified natural – what more could a mama wish for?

Why not take a look at the entire Sophie the Giraffe range over at Pure Skin Lab?

Have you tried Sophie the Giraffe Baby skincare? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Disclosure: PR gifted product. My views are honest and my own.

Pamper and protect your baby's skin with Sophie the Giraffe Baby skincare range. This iconic skincare range would make a perfect gift for a new mum.

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  1. such a nice line, will share your post with one of friend who is having a baby in March x

    1. Thanks so much dear, that’s very kind! Xx

  2. We loved sophie the giraffe. The baby skin care line looks lovely.

    1. Oh did you? It’s lovely, just like the chewy Sophie!

  3. I havent tried this line but it is adorable! Will keep it mind for the next mama I know having a baby because it would make a cute gift basket. 🙂

    1. It really would make such a lovely gift! I was bowled over when I opened mine!

  4. I had no idea that they had a skincare line! It sounds wonderful for babies sensitive skin.

    1. I’ve found it to be very gentle on their skin. It’s a delight to use.

  5. O yes! This smells so lovely 🌿

    1. Ahhh so nice to hear you like it too! It’s a proper baby fragrance isn’t it? Xx

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