Make lunchtime more adventurous with BabyLed Spreads

BabyLed Spreads

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We are huge fans of baby led weaning. After introducing my son to solids with blw in 2016, last month, we started weaning Cara in the same way – and we’re having so much fun!

If you’ve read my blog recently, you’ll know how I prefer to make the majority of Cara’s foods from scratch. I like to keep a big freezer stash for evening meals. But I also like quick and easy options, especially at lunchtime.

I’m so happy I discovered BabyLed Spreads. Sometimes it’s a challenge to continually think of new things to feed my kids to keep their variety up and tastebuds satisfied. It’s even harder at lunchtime when hubs is at work and I only have one pair of hands.

BabyLed Spreads packaging

BabyLed Food is all about providing quality, healthy food that can be enjoyed from 6 months plus.

In true baby led weaning spirit when combined with bread, toast, pasta, jacket potato, or as part of a more elaborate recipe, the spreads will help your child explore food and introduce them to the flavours and textures that adults enjoy.

The focus is on making mealtimes more adventurous without taking ages to prepare.

Naturally, the spreads contains no artificial ingredients, no added sugar, and are low in salt. They’re packaged in recyclable glass and cardboard packaging.

The spreads are the idea of dad to two, Keith. Friends and family encouraged him to share the flavoursome meals he creates for his daughter.

The pots come in savoury and sweet varieties. There are also several dairy free varieties. Cara and I tried 6 of the savoury pots and naturally I was curious to sample them all too. Let’s see how Cara got on!

The BabyLed Spreads

Avocado, red pepper and tomato

The first spread we tried, and we made pizza toast with it. Cara loves pizza toast and with this tangy and creamy spread it was quick to make and delicious.

There are so many uses for this one. You can stir it through warm pasta, add to toast, or use it to make some tasty pinwheels.

Here’s Cara enjoying her pizza toast.

We simply grill one side of a wholemeal muffin, spread with BabyLed Spread on one side, add sliced pepper, cheese, and oregano, then grill. So yummy!

Spicy pumpkin & chickpea

Recommended for 12 months up, we mixed this spicy pumpkin and chickpea spread with thick greek yogurt and used it as a dip for various dippers.

Spicy pumpkin & chickpea

We dipped with cheese and lentil wedges from my freezer stash, rice cakes, Ella’s savoury sticks, and vegetables including cucumber and red pepper.

Cara really loved this dip – she loves spicy (beef Madras anyone?). Here she is tucking into the dip. Mmmmm!

My son on the other hand was a bit reluctant. Once he learned the dip was made with pumpkin he was most perturbed – how dare we eat a beloved pumpkin? Oh, toddlers.

Green pea, rocket and dill

We served the green pea, rocket and dill spread alongside homemade fish fingers to replace peas. It’s really fresh-tasting, like something you’d try in a restaurant. Lucky Cara!

Green pea, rocket, and dill

Cara is already using her pincer grip. She can pick up a few peas, so we gave her some alongside the pea and rocket BabyLed Spread to challenge her.

Cara eating fish fingers

The spread stuck to her fish fingers and she was able to use her fingers to eat it. She really loved this spread, and so did I!

Ricotta & bean

Tangy, herby, and creamy, we stirred the ricotta and bean spread through cooked pasta and threw in some canned tuna and cooked broccoli for a speedy lunch.

Cara likes pasta and ate big handfuls of it. Chomp!

Cara eating pasta

Jonah was a big fan too, even though he usually favours tomato sauce based pasta dishes.

Jonah eating pasta

Definitely a winner with both!

Carrot, apple and hummus

I wish I’d found this carrot, apple and hummus spread before I made salt-free houmous to share with Cara! Admittedly, I eat way too much salt. But as an adult, houmous really needs salt to complete it. But of course I don’t want my baby to eat that much salt!

So I used this one to make sandwiches for Cara when I knew we’d be having sandwiches at my mum’s house. Cara eagerly munched down the sandwiches and really enjoyed the sweet, creamy filling.

It was nice to give her something tasty and a bit different, but still have control over the salt. And of course they were a breeze to prepare.

Red lentil & sweet potato

For this meal, we stuffed a warm jacket potato with the red lentil and sweet potato spread and added a little grated cheese. I really love how the red lentils give an iron boost – so important for little babies.

This was probably the least favourite of Cara’s meals with the spreads. I’m not sure whether it was the spread or the baked potato we served it in, since this was her first time eating baked potato.

The spread is very herby so perhaps we’ll use less to give a milder flavour next time.

Final thoughts on BabyLed Spreads

We’re so impressed with these delicious spreads. My baby loves them! I really like how the spreads add a little adventure to my baby’s lunchtime without me needing to spend a long time preparing food.

Add that they support baby led weaning while being healthy, tasty, and environmentally conscious, there’s a lot to love about BabyLed Spreads.

I want to try the sweet varieties next – they make a great replacement for jams and can be added to pancakes and bakes.

BabyLed Spreads

Buy Now – from £8 at BabyLed Food

Will you try BabyLed Spreads? Let me know in the comments section – I’d love to hear from you!

Healthy BabyLed Spreads support baby led weaning and are a convenient and tasty way to add a little adventure to lunchtime. Easy to prepare! Read full review. #babyledweaning #babymealideas

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  1. Sarah Willox says: Reply

    These look great. Lunchtimes are always tricky to make interesting. Just put our first order in. Thank you

    1. Glad the little man loved these!

  2. These sound so yummy I bet mama would love to share a few bites?;) Thanks for sharing:)

    1. Oh definitely! We always share! 🙂 xx

  3. I love how many flavors are in this line of baby food! I really think that this is how you keep kids from being picky.

    1. Yes! It’s good to introduce interesting flavours and textures early on.

  4. Mama Maggie's Kitchen says: Reply

    hmmm yum! This BabyLed Spreads look sooo tasty. Little ones will surely love this.

    1. She certainly did! x

  5. i love the natural ingredients and that they’re not made with any preservatives!

    1. Yes, they’re really well developed and so tasty!

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