Light & life with Lumen Vitae skincare

Lumen Vitae skincare

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I was so pleased to be introduced to Lumen Vitae skincare by its co-creator, Coline Giroud. She and her brother, Raphael, created the skincare of their dreams – sharing their passion for excellence in natural skincare.

The French brand brings a positive message – light, life, respect for good health and the health of our planet.

But what about the skincare? Lumen Vitae want to help us achieve our skincare goals with sophisticated skincare – rich in active ingredients, and suitable for every skin type. The formulations are as natural as can possibly be, but also affordable.

The brand has a really balanced approach to ingredients. “We strive to ban any controversial ingredients from our formulas […] A natural ingredient can actually be toxic, and a synthetic one can be harmless and fairly helpful!”

I love this approach, it’s so useful. Each ingredient is handpicked with care, and given individual consideration. Just as it should be!

To guarantee the best results for you, we handpick with utter care each ingredient that composes our formulas. And we always choose natural and uncontroversial alternatives when possible.

Now we’ve learned more about this family-oriented brand and its approach to skincare, let’s look in depth at the range.

Lumen Vitae skincare

Lumen Vitae offer 4 skincare products designed to be used together for maximum benefit.

  • Primal Light – an eye contour treatment
  • Radiant Glow – an illuminating vitamin C serum
  • Ray of Light – a hyaluronic acid rich day cream
  • Moonlight – a glycolic acid based night treatment

I tried all 4, so let’s see how I got on.

First, a quick note on the beautiful packaging. All Lumen Vitae skincare comes in glass containers. Pump mechanisms and caps are plastic. Outer packaging is cardboard. The jars look so beautiful, you will be proud to display them!

The protocol

So, testing the Lumen Vitae range meant quite a shake up of my usual routine. For my AM routine. I do a gel cleanse, spritz of floral water, oil-free vitamin C + E + ferulic serum, day cream, then possibly an oil depending on weather/skin feel. SPF.

When I moved to Lumen Vitae skincare, I added in Primal Light after my floral water then swapped my usual vitamin C serum for Radiant Glow serum, I swopped my usual day cream for Ray of Light and I stopped using a face oil, since I didn’t want to overload my skin. My skin is normal with hormonal breakouts.

For my PM routine, I usually double cleanse, salicylic acid toner, floral water, facial oil. Moving to LV, I added in Primal Light after cleansing, took out the acid toner and swapped my facial oil for Moonlight.

For how to work LV skincare into your routine, I highly recommend checking out their protocol information.

Now the products!

Primal Light Eye Contour Treatment

This lightweight eye contour serum promises to stimulate collagen synthesis, smoothing away fine lines in the delicate eye area. It helps to lift dark circles with arnica montana to soothe and reduce puffiness. Extracts of French brown algae reduce the look of lines, creating a non-comedogenic barrier and promising to give a healthy glow.

There are 13 bio-active ingredients in this eye treatment. Notably chlorella vulgaris, which is rich in essential nutrients and actually improves imperfections to reduce dark circles; and hyaluronic acid, which brings short-term hydration to the eye area.

I’m going to start my review of this eye treatment by saying I don’t use an eye cream! It’s just too many steps for me and I don’t feel they’re completely necessary. Sure, eye creams are often lighter so there’s less drag, but with careful application I’m really happy to use my normal day cream on my eye area, so long as the brand recommends it.

However after using this treatment I’m a little more converted. As the name suggests, it’s more of a treatment for the eye area than a cream. I especially love the addition of chlorella and arnica as I think they’ll make a great difference long term.

This is a light and delicately scented serum that’s easy to gently pat in around the eye area. It sinks in well and appears to have an instant brightening effect. I’m quite sure it’s having a positive effect on my fine lines – they seem plumped up. Under my eyes definitely looks less crepey. I’m not sure the serum has had an effect on my dark circles yet, but I’m still open to the possibility given the amazing ingredients.

If you feel your eye area needs help, I’m sure this eye treatment will make a difference. It’s definitely one I’ll recommend in the future.

Lumen Vitae Primal Light Eye Contour Treatment

Buy Now – £20 at Lumen Vitae

Radiant Glow Serum

Radiant Glow is a highly concentrated Vitamin C serum for use on the face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Lumen Vitae use the more stable and less irritating form of vitamin C – ethyl ascorbic acid. Radiant Glow also contains pomegranate stem cells which promise to increase glow and clarify dark spots and blemishes.

You probably don’t need me to tell you what an anti-ageing powerhouse vitamin C is. Reducing breakouts and the appearance of large pores and acne scars, and gently exfoliating. Not to mention the benefits for hyper-pigmentation and antioxidant protection.

I love that it also contains squalane and hyaluronic acid for hydration and anti-ageing coenzyme Q10.

It’s a light and delicately scented serum, easy to apply, and non-greasy. Gently pat in the serum to see a daily glow and long term anti-ageing benefits. I’m quite sure the serum has boosted the brightness of my skin and is helping with my hormonal breakouts. I’ve also noticed a reduction in pigmentation, but that could be down to the time of year. But I know that the goodness in the serum is doing its very important work for my skin over time.

If you already use a vitamin C serum, this would make a great one to try next, and if not – you should be! Why not try this one?

Radiant Glow Serum

Buy Now – £30 at Lumen Vitae

Ray of Light Day Cream

Next, on to Ray of Light, a wonderful regenerating day cream. This day cream promises to hydrate, nourish and protect your skin all day. It contains brown algae and hyaluronic acid for deep hydration. This is blended with natural oils, shea butter and red algae. Interestingly, the combination of algae with hyaluronic acid forms an invisible and non-occlusive shield against environmental stressors.

Ray of Light Day Cream

My favourite actives in Ray of Light include fagus sylvatica – rich in flavonoids and phenolic acids to strengthen the skin and provide oxygen to skin cells; and cyathea cumingii, a natural skin-tightener with a biochemical lifting effect.

This is a thick and rich cream, but it’s not greasy. I really love that it contains oryza sativa to mattify the skin – perfect if, like me, you don’t always wear makeup. That said, it’s a good base for makeup and I’ve had no pilling when layering up with the serum.

The biggest benefit I’ve experienced with Ray of Light is the level of hydration in my skin. My skin is so, so comfortable and soft using Ray of Light!

I really feel like this cream will make a difference in the long term and I’ll be sure to update once I’ve emptied my Lumen Vitae skincare.

Ray of Light Day Cream

Buy Now – £25 at Lumen Vitae

Moonlight Night Cream

Moonlight is an exfoliating glycolic acid night treatment which targets wrinkles and blemishes, smoothing the skin and removing dead skin cells for a brighter complexion.

Moonlight Night Cream

Again, this cream is rich, thick, and almost pillowy in texture. It reminds me of a sleeping mask. And it’s making a big difference to the softness of my skin, especially because I didn’t use a night cream previously. With soothing melissa water, it’s really comforting to use just before bed, and like its counterparts has a delicate soft fragrance. I’m converted to night cream now and this will become a regular in my routine!

On the downside, since using Lumen Vitae skincare, a patch of dryness on my forehead has reappeared. I think this is because I stopped using facial oils at nighttime so will alternate between Moonlight and my usual facial oil.

Moonlight Night Cream

Buy Now – £25 at Lumen Vitae

Final thoughts on Lumen Vitae skincare

I’m so impressed with Lumen Vitae skincare! Every ingredient is carefully picked and blended into products that are so much more than the sum of their parts. This is a skincare system designed to treat your skin in the most holistic way. And because of it, my skin is looking better than ever, glowing and as youthful as it can be.

Elegant, effective, and full of light and life. And all this from a caring family business!

To see the entire range and learn more, why not visit the Lumen Vitae website or Instagram?

Will you try Lumen Vitae skincare? Let me know in the comments!

Elegant, effective, and full of light and life. Read my full review of the entire Lumen Vitae natural skincare protocol including day/night and treatments!

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