Sustainable makeup removal with EKKO Reusable Hemp Cotton Pads

EKKO Reusable Hemp Cotton Pads

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I’m really interested in reducing our family’s environmental footprint. So I was super interested when a message popped up from EKKO Skin asking if I would like to try their Reusable Hemp Cotton Pads.

Reusable up to two-hundred times, EKKO’s 100% organic cotton pads make living sustainably an affordable luxury.

These reusable cotton and hemp pads aim to reduce single use waste from cotton wool balls, pads, and makeup removing wipes.

What’s the problem with single use cotton pads?

According to WWF, current cotton production methods are environmentally unsustainable. The cotton industry simply can’t maintain production in this way forever. Cotton has a huge water requirement during its growth. Amazingly, it takes 20,000 litres of water to make 1kg of cotton pads. Not to mention the agrochemicals such as pesticides used in production.

Cotton production has a massive impact on major ecosystems such as the Aral Sea in Central Asia (read this then try not to weep).

We all need to reduce our consumption of cotton.

Enter reusable pads!

EKKO Reusable Hemp Cotton Pads

EKKO Reusable Hemp Cotton Pads come in gorgeous recyclable cardboard and packaging.

Sustainable EKKO packaging

These beautifully soft GOTS certified hemp cotton pads replace single-use cotton pads and makeup wipes.

I can use them to remove makeup, cleanse, or tone. I can’t believe there are 200 uses in each wipe! Amazing isn’t it?

They’re almost too beautiful to use! Unwrap the packet to find 4 reusable hemp cotton pads and a beautiful laundry bag.

Close up of my EKKO Hemp Cotton Reusable Pads

And I love how this sustainable swap reduces strain on the environment and what goes into landfill – it’s a complete no brainer.

It’s also economical. Over 10 years, most people will use 36 EKKO pads, instead of over 7,000 disposables – saving money and the environment!

I hope they will help me replace cotton balls and cotton buds in my PM routine.

Using EKKO Reusable Hemp Cotton Pads

The pads are dual sided. One side has a fleecy feel, while the other is textured for gentle exfoliation. I absolutely love the soft feel of these pads, they are so comforting at the end of a long day. They really do add a touch of spa luxury to cleansing time!

I use one pad to remove the last traces of eye makeup that my flannel can’t remove, doing away with the need for a few cotton buds. Then I use another pad to apply my toner, doing away with the need for a cotton wool ball or pad.

After use, I give them a quick wash with soap and water to remove stains, then leave them somewhere to dry on their hanging loop before I get chance to pop them in the washing machine. They wash well and keep their shape.

I’ve also tried using my pads with a cream cleanser, they work brilliantly! And I love the size of the pad, I could replace my flannel if I wanted to.

I’m really happy with my cleanse! I feel like the pads remove my makeup really effectively. And they work so well no matter what cleanser I use. I’m so happy to finally stop using single use cotton in my routine!

EKKO Reusable Hemp Cotton Pads

Buy Now – £17 at EKKO Skin

Final thoughts on EKKO Reusable Hemp Cotton Pads

I love using these pads and I’m very happy with the results. I’m so excited that EKKO Reusable Hemp Cotton Pads replace single use cotton products in my natural skincare routine. This simple swap reduces my cotton consumption over the long term. They come highly recommended if you’re looking to live more sustainably!

Visit EKKO Skin at to learn more about the brand and their products.

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  1. Oh! I’ve never heard about this brand but I trying to reduce my footprint as well and this seems like such a great alternative. I normally use makeup wipes and a cleanser but this seem like another great option!

  2. I’ve been trying to be more sustainable and I’ve been looking for reusable pads but honestly I didn’t know why they were so bad for the environment. I need to get these asap

  3. As we my 7 year old daughter said this morning, “We do need to be green!”. Thanks for sharing this product!

  4. I am all about reusable! I will have to add these to my to buy list so much better than one time use!

  5. These reusable cotton pads sound amazing! I am always looking for sustainable products!

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