Natural Wellness Box March: relax & rejuvenate

Natural Wellness Box March

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Welcome back, my lovely friend! Spring has finally sprung, and today I have a wonderful share for you. It’s the Natural Wellness Box March edition!

Do you struggle to make time for your wellbeing and self care? As a mum of two, it’s certainly the case for me. So I was really happy when Catherine, founder of Natural Wellness Box, introduced herself and the box over on Instagram.

Discover luxe natural wellness

The box aims to help us make more time for ourselves by curating handpicked selections of luxe natural health, beauty, wellness, and treat products in a beautiful package delivered to our door.

And I was absolutely delighted when my March Natural Wellness Box arrived! The packaging is so beautiful with the luxury ribbon and magnetic clasp box. It really does feel like a treat.

The beautifully packaged box

And it’s a guilt-free treat too, since everything inside is vegan friendly and cruelty free.

The box contains 3 full size skincare and wellness items and a month’s supply of food supplements, along with 3 tea sachets, a wellness drink, and a treat. The total value is £100.65, so when you consider it only costs £40 as a one-off – it’s really great value!

So without further ado, let’s look in the box!

Natural Wellness Box – March edition

This box has the theme of rest and rejuvenation and is perfect for busy mums who are in need of rest, comfort, and nurturing.

The contents of the Natural Wellness Box

It was so exciting to discover all these amazing products so close to Mother’s Day!

Liha Gold Shea Butter

It was such a lovely surprise to find this gorgeous shea butter inside the box. Shea butter is such a useful ingredient to have in any skincare collection because it’s great for the whole family (naturally, after a patch test first).

Liha Gold Shea Butter

This glorious gold shea butter is ethically sourced, vegan, and raw. There’s no added fragrance or any other ingredients.

This is my first time trying Liha products, they also have other shea butters and products based on African roots such as layerable fragrance oils and candles inspired by African goddesses and queens.

Texture of Liha Gold Shea Butter

This shea butter is a little different from others I’ve tried, and I really do like it. Firstly, the aroma is not as strongly scented as others I’ve tried. It’s much more delicate and has a lovely mild smoky scent.

The texture is a little crumblier than other shea butters I’ve tried. But the crumbliness easily melts away on the skin and causes no problems at all.

But the feel is so, so silky! I really love how soft my skin feels after using it. And if I apply it to damp skin, it takes no time at all to sink in.

I can’t wait to feel the long term effects of using this shea butter and to use it in some of my own DIY products.

Liha Gold Shea Butter

Buy Now – £25 at Liha Beauty

Eye Oil by Sofia Latif

This beautiful under-eye oil roller bowled me away at first glance. This is my first time using Sofia Latif, and I’m so glad for the introduction! Sofia Latif is all about simplifying skincare with its range of pro-ageing oils to connect women with their raw beauty.

Eye Oil by Sofia Latif

The eye oil promises to absorb easily into the under-eye area to nourish and moisturise for healthy strengthened skin. It contains antioxidant rich meadowfoam seed and argan oils to protect the delicate skin. There’s also marula, rosehip, and pomegranate seed oils to regenerate the skin, and increase collagen, elasticity, and firmness.

I really love the roller format and the oil flows easily from around the cooling metal ball. The oil is light and wonderfully fragrant with its roman chamomile and sweet orange essential oils. Using it is a lovely act of self care to relax the mind before bed.

My under-eye area is left so well cared for and I’m sure the oil is helping to decrease the depth of my crows feet. We will have to see how we get on in the long term. But using this under-eye oil is such a lovely way to unwind in my PM routine.

Eye Oil by Sofia Latif

Buy Now – £20 at Sofia Latif

Eve and Keel Surrender Crown Chakra Essential Oil Blend

This gorgeous roller won my heart right away. How pretty are the amethyst and clear quartz crystals suspended in the oil? I hadn’t used anything like this before and I was so excited to both photograph and try the roller.

Eve and Keel Surrender Crown Chakra Essential Oil Blend

The roller contains lavender, neroli, and frankincense to help us surrender our worries and quieten our mind. It promises to help with sleep struggles and letting go of a busy mind. Amethyst is said to protect from darker thoughts and bring the knowledge that “it is safe for me to let go”. Clear quartz raises the frequency of the wearer, encouraging release and expansion.

Texture of Eve and Keel Surrender Crown Chakra Essential Oil Blend

This roller is just a delight to behold and it smells so divine. I’m finding it perfect for moments when the children are getting a little noisy or when I’m finding it hard to let go of my daily chores to just be with them.

It’s also really relaxing at bedtime. I’m sure if I meditated it would help me during such times! I’m really happy with this roller and I know it’s going to help me through difficult moments.

Eve and Keel Surrender Crown Chakra Essential Oil Blend

Buy Now – £24 at Eve and Keel

Lumity Restful Nights Booster

This makes such an interesting and useful addition to a box whose theme is rest and relaxation. This vegan food supplement from Lumity could be just the thing to reach for when stress disrupts sleep. It promises to aid rest, recovery, and relaxation while reducing feelings of stress.

Lumity Restful Nights Booster

It contains adaptogen herb holy basil, and also pumpkin seed oil, magnesium, turmeric, and vitamin D3.

My husband has been testing the booster for me. He likes that the softgels are really easy to swallow and go down with just a sip of water. He’s certainly slept well on the few nights he’s used the booster. And while it’s early days, we promise to update in my empties post. We also love that you don’t need to take this supplement each and every night – only as needed.

I feel this is such a thoughtful addition to the box and creates a good mix of products that work both inside and out.

Lumity Restful Nights Booster

Buy Now – £37 at Lumity

Neal’s Yard Remedies Quiet Time Rose & Lime Flower Tea

I never need an excuse to drink a cup of tea and these delicate but flavoursome herbal tea sachets are perfect for moments of relaxation and recuperation.

Neal's Yard Remedies Quiet Time Rose & Lime Flower Tea

The tea contains fragrant pink rose buds, sweet lime flower, and delicate chamomile for a moment of mindfulness. The tea bags are biodegradable and oxygen bleached, so they’re kind to the environment too.

I find this tea so comforting, what a lovely addition to the box. Now I’d like to try more teas from Neal’s Yard Remedies!

Neal’s Yard Remedies Quiet Time Rose & Lime Flower Tea

Buy Now – £4 at Neal’s Yard Remedies

Caroboo Dairy Free Vegan Chocolate Orange Bar

Vegan chocolate you say? I was never a fan until I met this “chocolate” bar, which actually isn’t chocolate at all but a clever blend of carob and coconut cream.

Caroboo Dairy Free Vegan Chocolate Orange Bar

If you miss milk chocolate as a vegan or dairy-free person, this could be the chocolate for you. It’s so smooth and creamy, it was the first thing to go in the box. My kids also loved it too and it was a pleasure to share it with them. I can’t believe it’s free from refined sugar, too.

I’m going to have to try the other flavours now!

Caroboo Taster Pack

Buy Now – £4.99 at Caroboo

BumbleZest Matcha Moringa Ginseng Propel and Protect Health Shot

This health shot was a pleasant surprise – I hadn’t tried green coffee before, even as a coffee lover! The health shot with matcha, moringa, and ginseng promises to propel and protect.

Bumblezest Matcha Moringa Ginseng Propel and Protect Health Shot

The flavour is really interesting – the lemon base infused with botanical ingredients is tangy and satisfying. It has a substantial caffeine content too, but it’s a healthy way to get your caffeine fix.

I definitely felt the kick after trying this one! And BumbleZest has more to offer with some seriously interesting health drinks with benefits. Well worth looking up!

BumbleZest Matcha Moringa Ginseng Propel and Protect Health Shot

Buy Now – £46.50 for 20 at Bumblezest

Final thoughts on Natural Wellness Box – March edition

I’m so happy I discovered Natural Wellness Box! The box made my month with its carefully curated skincare and wellness products to bring about a moment of rejuvenation for this tired mama!

Natural Wellness Box is released in bi-monthly collections in January, March, May, July, September, and November. To learn more and subscribe, visit

Have you tried Natural Wellness Box? What’s your favourite natural wellness product? Let me know in the comments!

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Until next time!


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  1. This is exactly the type of box that I love to get! So many incredible products.

  2. This is the kind of box I’d love to receive. Can’t order that one because I would pay too much now, so need to find something similar here. Great products x

  3. The surrender oil and the chocolate bar look so interesting, I definitely need to try both of them

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    This box has so many great products! That roller especially looks amazing!

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