Typology skincare review

Typology skincare

Welcome back, beauty lovers! Today I’m sharing my thoughts on the premium natural skincare line Typology! The French brand launched in the UK in May, and although I’m posting late due to other commitments, I’m so excited to be part of the launch and try their wonderful skincare. I really didn’t know much about Typology […]

Curious about natural micellar water? + D’Alchemy Micellar Cleansing Water review

D'Alchemy Micellar Cleansing Water

Have you used a natural micellar water before? If not, are you curious? Until a few weeks ago, I’d never tried micellar water, never mind one I considered “natural”. I was so happy with my oil, balm, and gel cleansers, for years I completely overlooked micellar water. Micellar water contains compounds that are highly effective […]