Maison Sybarite – first water-based fine fragrances: Bed of Roses review

Maison Sybarite Bed of Roses

Welcome back, natural beauty lovers! Today, I have a very special share for you. At first glance, Maison Sybarite could be any fine fragrance range. Glossy editorial style photography on a beautiful website, striking and elegant bottles, inviting and sumptuous fragrance names like Bed of Roses and Opulent Wood. Yet, delve a little deeper and […]

New Beauty Cleanse Skincare facial oils + why Gua Sha is your lockdown skin saviour

Beauty Cleanse Skincare facial oils

Back in September last year, I tried and reviewed the glorious Whackit Beauty Mean Green Superfood Drops. And I’m still enjoying my bottle of the multi-tasking green facial oil that’s 100% natural and vegan! I’ve stayed in touch with this small indie brand and their lovely founder Saman over the months, and today I’m delighted […]