Happy 7th birthday, Jonah!

Happy 7th birthday, Jonah!

To my Jonah Sammy – happy 7th birthday, Jonah! Happy birthday, my lovely boy. How has your 7th birthday crept around so fast? Here I am again, writing a letter to you about how much you’ve changed in only a year. As you transition from a little kid to a big kid, we’ve learned so […]

Is Five Nights at Freddy’s safe for kids?

Is Five Nights at Freddie's safe for kids?

If you have kids who like to play video games, then you’ve probably heard of Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF). This popular series of games thrills and delights kids with its jump-scares and creepy animatronic characters. But is Five Nights at Freddy’s safe for kids? My eldest son, 6, is absolutely obsessed with Five Nights […]

It’s your 4th birthday, Cara!

Cara is 4

Dear Cara, Every time I write your birthday letter, I’m never lost for words. You are so full of personality and life. You are unashamedly strong, brave, and bold. It’s your 4th birthday, Cara, and we’re so happy to celebrate with you! This year, I’m remembering how we made the most of every moment in […]

Happy 1st birthday, Lydia!

Lydia is 1

To my dear Lydia, Your first birthday is here, and how we’ve loved being your mummy and daddy for a whole year. What a little treasure you are. Happy 1st birthday, Lydia! Tiny sweetheart, you came into the world so peacefully. Our third child, you’re so happy and contented. You remain utterly sweet natured and […]

Jonah is 6 ~ happy birthday Jonah!

Jonah is 6

To my dear Jonah, Happy birthday to you, my eldest son. Many people would say that you are quiet and sensitive – and that’s certainly true. But you also have a silly and funny side that cracks me up. You’re quite unique, a little bit alternative. I love that! You definitely stand out amongst your […]