Self injection during pregnancy – how to survive it

Self injection during pregnancy - how to survive it

Welcome back, my friend! Today’s share is all about surviving self injection during pregnancy. If you meet certain criteria, such as a history of blood clots, clotting disorders, or other medical conditions that increase the risk of developing clots, your consultant or midwife may recommend self injection during pregnancy. Older mothers and those who have […]

Labour massage oil formula

Labour massage oil going in to my hospital bag

Welcome back, my expectant friend! Today’s share is a simple labour massage oil formula. This labour massage oil is the perfect companion to massage during labour to ease pain and discomfort and assist labour. If you already have carrier and essential oils in your collection, and the birth of your baby is imminent (like me! […]

Pregnancy third trimester tea recipe

Pregnancy third trimester tea recipe

Welcome back, my friend! Today I’d love to share with you my recipe for delicious and helpful pregnancy third trimester tea! This tea is not only refreshing and tasty, it contains 5 wonderful herbs that are often recommended by midwives and other mothers to support you in the third trimester. This tea was somewhat inspired […]

New-in Weleda Skin Food range

Welcome back, lover of skincare! In today’s post we’ll be chatting about the new-in Weleda Skin Food range. It’s always exciting when Weleda releases a new product, but I was even more excited than usual to learn about these new additions to the iconic Skin Food range. Skin Food is often our first introduction to […]

Creating a pregnancy safe skincare routine

Creating a pregnancy safe skincare routine

Welcome back, my dear! Today’s share is all about creating a pregnancy safe skincare routine and thinking about how we can change our current skincare routine so that we’re confident it’s safe for pregnancy and won’t harm our unborn baby. When we fall pregnant – especially for for the first time, every substance that we […]

6 ways your skin changes during pregnancy

Skin changes during pregnancy

Welcome back, my friend! Pregnancy is a time of wonderful change and upheaval, and of course your skin expresses these changes too. Extra blood, and a lot more hormones – they all contribute to the pregnancy glow we hear so much about. Yet stretch marks are inevitable for most mums-to-be, along with discomfort and hyperpigmentation. […]

Family skincare for winter

LoveLula family skincare for winter

Welcome back, my dear! I’m so excited to tell you about the family skincare for winter I picked up a few weeks ago. At 3 months postpartum, and with the delicate skin of 3 little ones to care for, I’m always on the lookout for clean and kind skincare that can be shared between us […]