“Five healthy habits for a radiant smile” is a collaborative post.

Although many of us want a dazzling smile purely for aesthetic reasons, we can’t forget that our pearly whites serve as a window to our overall health. Due to an increasing awareness of the links between dental hygiene and general wellbeing, the emphasis on good oral health has grown. 

It’s no secret that getting a dentist appointment can be difficult, so adopting habits for a healthy and confident smile will help to keep on top of your dental hygiene.

Brushing and flossing

Brushing twice daily with fluoride toothpaste is the foundation of excellent oral hygiene. Fluoride works to prevent tooth decay and is a key ingredient to strengthen your enamel. 

However, the importance of flossing can’t be overlooked. Plaque loves to hide in those hidden crevices between teeth, so regular flossing helps to prevent plaque buildup. 

Traditional floss can be cumbersome, and if you struggle to reach the back of your mouth, consider a water flosser. Using a pressurised stream of water, the device dislodges food particles and bacteria. 

Fuel your smile with a balanced diet

Your teeth thrive on a balanced and nutritious diet, just like the rest of your body. One crucial step to take towards a healthier mouth is limiting your intake of sugary drinks and processed foods.

Incorporate plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains into your meals. These keep your teeth strong and healthy by providing essential vitamins and minerals such as calcium.

Eating three meals a day instead of relying on snacks can also keep excessive dental erosion at bay. 

Hydration is key

Staying hydrated does wonders for your mouth. Water washes away food particles and bacteria, both of which can linger and cause bad breath.

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day keeps you feeling your best and aids your mouth’s natural cleansing process.

Prioritise your dentist

A checkup with your dentist every six months will help to maintain optimal oral health. Your practitioner can identify potential problems early on and work to prevent any issues from getting worse. 

Professional cleaning with a hygienist can remove stubborn plaque buildup, leaving your teeth feeling refreshed and polished.  

Leave the bad habits behind

Whilst you may be working hard to improve your wellbeing in other areas, continuing with bad habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can reverse any effort you have made towards your oral hygiene. 

Indulging in these habits can stain and irritate gums, so it may be worth considering quitting or moderating your intake. Your smile and overall health will thank you!

By adopting these practises, you can better manage your oral health and reduce your reliance on professional dental services, which may be less accessible in current times. 

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