Welcome back, my lover of all things beauty! Today’s share is long overdue. I’m so delighted to talk about the sublime Raven Botanicals!

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Based in Scotland, and making the most of local Scottish ingredients, Raven Botanicals bring us luxurious natural skincare products formulated with a nod to the wisdom of ages. Think handmade, plant based, and cruelty free skincare such as cleansers, masks, serums, and oils – with a dusting of magic.

With offerings named Glow Potion, Spellbind Serum, and Eventide Rejuvenating Mask, it’s easy to see the connection with spirit and nature.

Raven Botanicals gift wrapping

Raven Botanicals is a coming together of sisters Arabella and Charlotte. With backgrounds in art and botany, the duo turned their love of botanical formulas into a skincare line that “captures the mythology of the natural world”.

I was delighted when the brand asked me to try samples of their Bathing Oil Trio and Green Goddess Balancing Face Mask.

My package came so beautifully wrapped.

My box

Do you want to learn about the products with me? Let’s do that!

Raven Botanicals

Bathing Oil Trio

In my opinion, a bath is the ultimate in self indulgence. And bathing oil takes it to another level.

Raven Botanicals Bathing Oil Trio

The water softens the skin, allowing the oils to work their magic. When you rise from the bath, the oils cling to the skin. So much so, you probably don’t need to use a body oil or moisturiser afterwards – although you could if you wanted to!

This trio of bath oils from Raven Botanicals pampers in every situation. Rise is your perfect morning bath companion. With enlivening citrus and grounding patchouli, it’s like like a ray of sunshine in your day. The elegant bergamot shines in this sunny bath oil.

Before bedtime, try Drift – its calming lavender, bergamot and neroli helps to calm the senses before a peaceful night’s sleep.

Bliss is perfect for any time, with its balancing blend of fragrant jasmine, geranium and neroli. You’ll step out of the bath with a renewed sense of optimism.

These luxurious bath oil samples made my week. My skin is so soft and comforted, and the oils are fragrant without overwhelming my senses.

I really appreciate that the bath oils contain colloidal oatmeal to help soothe the skin.

Each mini bottle is good for one bath, and if I were to try one full sized bath oil, it would be Rise – I love it!

Raven Botanicals Bathing Oil Trio

Buy Now – £20 at Raven Botanicals

Green Goddess Balancing Face Mask

A bath time ritual is complete with a spa worthy face mask, and Green Goddess Balancing Face Mask is exactly that. This sample pack is enough for two generous mask sessions.

Raven Botanicals Green Goddess Balancing Face Mask

This mask is the perfect choice for normal, oily, and combination skin and combines French green clay and green powdered spirulina to boost skin metabolism and calm inflammation. Green tea balances sebum production while chamomile soothes the skin. Centella Asiatica has potent antioxidant and soothing properties.

The mask promises to “restore balance to the skin by deep cleansing, exfoliating dead cells and gently removing impurities to leave a bright, radiant and naturally fresh complexion”.

My sample was kindly sent with a beautiful mask brush and a wooden spoon.

To use, I simply mix the mask with water. You can also use honey, milk, hydrosol, or even oil for your own custom blend.

The brush makes applying the mask so easy and satisfying, as it hugs every contour of the face and makes it easy to apply the mask around the eyes and folds of the nose.

The mask smells like a meadow on a spring day and is the most beautiful hue of green. Applying a thick layer, it dries like a clay mask. After 10 minutes, I remove the mask with a wash cloth.

My skin feels so soft and well exfoliated. I notice a gorgeous rosy glow to my skin. I’m so happy with the results of this mask! I think it would work really well for breakouts to both dry up the pimples and calm the inflammation.

I’d be very happy to buy a full sized product for regular masking, but I’d probably try another sample from the Raven Botanicals mask collection first – probably Eventide.

Raven Botanicals Green Goddess Balancing Face Mask

Buy Now – £6 at Raven Botanicals

Final thoughts on Raven Botanicals

I hope you enjoyed learning about Raven Botanicals with me. Their magical formulations add something really special to my “me time”. What an enchanting skincare brand with so much more to discover!

Find out more at ravenbotanicals.co.uk or @ravenbotanicals.

Will you try this brand? Let me know in the comments!

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    Oh nice, I need the face mask. This looks like an awesome package.

  2. I love this mask set it looks amazing with all the pieces to create a spa like experience. I also appreciate your review of the product it is very helpful.

  3. Oh I love this! I’m always looking at new masks can’t wait to try this

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