Welcome back, my expectant friend! Today’s share is a simple labour massage oil formula. This labour massage oil is the perfect companion to massage during labour to ease pain and discomfort and assist labour.

If you already have carrier and essential oils in your collection, and the birth of your baby is imminent (like me! – 37 weeks now), then why not have a go at creating it? It’s super simple and can really help during labour.

My recipe was inspired by Natalia Labour Massage Oil which is really lovely to buy if you can’t or don’t want to make your own!

Why use a massage oil during labour?

Labour massage is hugely helpful because it expresses love and support from a caring birth partner during labour. The power of touch increases oxytocin levels, and boosts contractions for a more comfortable birth. Read more about the evidence behind massage during labour.

When to use a labour massage oil?

If you are comfortable with doing so, you can start to use this oil from your due date. Using it at the start of your labour is the key – to keep labour going with all those lovely hormones.

Can I use the labour massage oil postpartum?

Yes, I intend to. And I did with my previous pregnancies. I’d hate to see the precious oils go to waste and the concentrations of essential oils are all well within dermal limits. Additionally, the essential oils are unlikely to cause any problems with breastfeeding. In fact, the oils I’ve chosen will definitely help your skin to bounce back postpartum!

Essential oils for labour massage

The essential oil content of my labour massage oil is 1.3%. Learn more about dermal limits – it’s super important (not to mention interesting).

My recipe for labour massage oil is easy to make and as the perfect companion to massage, aims to help your labour go smoothly.

Essential oil safety during pregnancy

If you have any concerns about using essential oils during pregnancy, consult with your midwife or doctor.

Clary sage

Using clary sage essential oil during labour can help ease pain and discomfort as well as assist in the smooth transition of labour. There are so many benefits of using clary sage during labour – and it’s definitely worth learning more about them! The dermal limit of clary sage 0.25%. I’m using it at 0.2% in my formula.


Lavender essential oil is the ultimate relaxing and tension busting essential oil. It’s also very familiar and comforting. The dermal limit for lavender is 5%. I’m using it at 0.5% in my formula.


Jasmine essential oil is said to promote a healthy birth by supporting labour hormones, dulling the intensity of uterine contractions, and instilling feelings of calmness and confidence. The dermal limit for jasmine is 0.7%. I’m using it at 0.2% in my formula.


Bergamot essential oil can relieve feelings of pain, anxiety and stress – it is super cheerful and lightens the blend of essential oils in this labour massage oil. The dermal limit for bergamot 0.4%. I’m using it at its maximum of 0.4% in my formula. Note that bergamot is photo-toxic, so it’s important to stick within the dermal limits. Avoid sun exposure after application, if you are concerned.

Carrier oils for labour massage

You could just use plain old sunflower oil or light in colour olive oil. Grapeseed oil would also make a good choice. Something light and non-staining is the best choice. I’ve picked a selection of my favourites since I have so many in my collection.

Sweet almond oil

Sweet almond oil is one of my favourite carrier oils. It’s inexpensive yet packed with nutrition and it’s light enough for massage. I use 50% in my formula.

Camellia oil

Anti-inflammatory camellia oil makes a great massage oil as it restores elasticity to the skin. It works great after all the stretching of pregnancy. I use 20% in my formula.

Coconut oil (fractionated)

Coconut oil is a fabulous moisturiser and it helps to lighten this blend and offset the avocado oil. Fractionated simply means it comes as a liquid oil and won’t return to a solid state at cooler temperatures. I use 20% in my formula.

Avocado oil

Avocado oil is a powerhouse of nutrients. It helps to trigger collagen production in the skin, and speed up wound healing – making it great to help repair stretch marks. I use 8.7% in my formula – a little goes a long way and it’s quite a thick and colourful oil.

Labour massage oil formula

The formula makes 50g massage oil. You will need proper scales to make the oil, capable of measuring down to 0.10g. Here’s why I don’t use drops in my formulas.


  • Sweet almond – 25g
  • Camellia – 10g
  • Coconut, fractionated – 10g
  • Avocado – 4.35g


  • Clary sage – 0.1g
  • Lavender – 0.25g
  • Jasmine – 0.1g
  • Bergamot – 0.2g


  • First, combine all the phase A ingredients.
  • Then, create a synergistic blend of the essential oils by combining the phase B ingredients.
  • Finally, add the two phases together and swirl to combine.
  • Bottle and label. I used a lightweight plastic bottle that won’t weigh down my hospital bag.

Final thoughts on my labour massage oil formula

I hope you can try making your own labour massage oil! It’s really easy to make and has real benefits for an easier and more comfortable labour.

Will you try formulating this labour massage oil? Let me know in the comments – I can’t wait to hear from you!

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Happy massaging!


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