Welcome back, dear friend! Today I’m delighted to share with you a natural skincare line especially for babies and little ones that’s captured my heart! It’s Nala’s Baby!

This cute and natural skincare line was awarded Best Baby Skincare range of 2023, and it’s easy to see why. The range is 99% naturally derived, dermatologist approved, and suitable for even the most sensitive or eczema prone skins.

Nala’s Baby was created from a genuine place of love before anything else, from a family that wanted the absolute best for their daughter’s hair & skin.

Think bath and body products with sumptuous cocoa and shea butters, soothing chamomile and oats, hibiscus, and several fragrance free products, too.

What I love about this range is the focus on effective yet natural and gentle ingredients, all while being very affordable. The cute packaging is a real win and makes the entire range a hit with both parents and kids.

Some of the standout claims are that the whole line is paediatrician approved and vegan.

Another thing I love about the entire Nala’s Baby range is the packaging. The kids think it’s cute and I love how the bottles can be stored upside down – every last bit can be used plus my eldest daughter (4) can get the product from the bottle herself using the broad flip top cap, which is a real bonus.

Are you ready to hear my thoughts on these cute and green baby products? I tried the Body Wash & Shampoo, Body Lotion, Nighttime Oil, and Bubble Bath.

Nala’s Baby skin care review

Nala’s Baby Body Wash & Shampoo

Let’s start my review by talking about the Body Wash & Shampoo. It goes without saying that a 2-in-1 shampoo and wash is an absolute must in your baby’s wash bag! This one is suitable from birth, but I’d only start using it from a couple of months old. Why? Small babies really don’t need scented wash products – plain water will do just fine.

Nala's Baby Body Wash & Shampoo

What I love about this body wash and shampoo is that it works well for both babies and younger kids. With my 1 year old, it works great – cutting through the daily grease and grime she accumulates during meals and play with no bother, and rinsing away easily without tears. With my older daughter, it gets through her longer and thicker hair perfectly to leave it soft and untangled without using conditioner (she really can’t be bothered with conditioner, although Nala does make one).

The body wash is neutrally coloured and slightly pearly in appearance. The scent, which runs across the whole range, is gently fruity with hints of vanilla and coconut. It’s a delicate and comforting scent that’s not too overpowering. It reminds me of a nice scented candle!

The consistency is quite thin but not so much that it runs off the hand. And the wash lathers well, giving plenty of soft bubbles to keep your little one entertained.

What a lovely body wash and shampoo with such caring ingredients, at a fantastic price!

Nala’s Baby Body Wash & Shampoo

Buy Now – £5.55 at Boots

Nala’s Baby Body Lotion

Body lotion is my second go-to ingredient for my kids’ skin. A gentle moisturiser is great to keep dry skin at bay and soothe any itchy or rough patches.

Nala's Baby Body Lotion

Nala’s Baby Body Lotion promises to nourish their skin with natural ingredients, and I can certainly say that’s the case.

I love it so much that I use it on myself, too!

With hydrating glycerin and moisturising shea butter at the top of the ingredients list, you’re getting a really great moisturiser for very little money. It’s light, easy to apply, sinks in quickly, and the oat flour and oat extract used in the moisturiser definitely soothe and calm my youngest daughter’s eczema. We love to use it after her bath, and as a daily spot treatment for her dry bits.

Her skin is soft and comfortable for a good 24 hours after using this lovely moisturiser, and for that reason I highly recommend it!

Nala’s Baby Body Lotion

Buy Now – £5.55 at Boots

Nala’s Baby Nightime Oil

This is the first Nala’s Baby product I tried. I recommended it in my best baby products for 2023, and it’s a body oil I’ve been using myself since.

Nala's Baby Nightime Oil

This oil is as versatile as they come – use it as a moisturiser, massage oil, bath oil – or even as a scalp oil.

I can’t say the lavender fragrance in the Nighttime Oil is particularly strong, the product smells a lot like the others in the range. But it’s a lovely oil to use as an after-bath moisturiser or for baby massage.

My two daughters love it before bed – and along with a calming massage, I’m sure it helps them to relax.

The nourishing oils include sunflower, apricot, olive, and real lavender oil, and is best applied to slightly damp skin so it sinks in perfectly and gives a hydrating effect.

This sleepy time oil has rave reviews on Boots, and for good reason. The light, silky feel and comforting effect are sure to bring a relaxing night’s sleep.

Nala’s Baby Nightime Oil

Buy Now – £5.55 at Boots

Nala’s Baby Bubble Bath

Last but not least is the fabulous Nala’s Baby Bubble Bath. Most natural bubble bath lacks in the bubble department, but not this one. Think clouds of sumptuous and sweet smelling bubbles that remarkably only start to dissipate towards the end of the bath.

Nala's Baby Bubble Bath

The gentle ingredients include soothing oat and chamomile to ensure this bubble bath is more than just bubbles and doesn’t have a drying effect.

My daughters have so much fun with this bubble bath, it’s a real winner!

Nala’s Baby Bubble Bath

Buy Now – £5.55 at Boots

Final thoughts on Nala’s Baby

I hope you enjoyed my review of Nala’s Baby skincare. My kids love this cute and caring skincare range, and I hope yours do too.

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