About Me

Hello and thanks for visiting my blog, I’m Helen – Jonah’s mum, and wife to Martin. We live in Stockton-on-Tees in the UK.

Helen and Jonah

When Jonah was born in June 2016 I took maternity leave from my job as a user interface and experience designer, and didn’t return. I’m now a stay at home mum.

My natural skincare passion

I started this blog because natural skincare is my passion. I’ve had tricky skin in the past, as I suffer with psoriasis. This led me down the path of searching for kind and gentle alternatives to mainstream beauty products.

Isn’t it fascinating how we can use plant based ingredients to help and heal?

I’m an avid label reader – nothing gets by my family without scrutiny! Healthy alternatives to the products in chemists and supermarkets do exist.

I don’t trust mainstream health and beauty brands

We trust mainstream brands because they’ve been around a long time, but they let us down. We don’t have to settle for dangerous and unhealthy ingredients! The more publicity offending brands get over their use of cheap but nasty ingredients, the better.

My blog helps me to document the brands, products and ingredients I uncover, and I want to share this research.

I really love the products I suggest on my blog, and I know you’ll love them too.

Message me via Facebook or email – I look forward to getting to know you better!

Lots of love
Helen 💚

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