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Welcome back, skincare friend! Today we’re going to learn about Typology’s recent summer edit – the new Typology Sunscreen and Botanical Mists!

Typology are one of my favourite skincare brands at the moment. Their products are from my dreams – clean and effective, yet minimal and always packaged in eco-conscious packaging. I’ve tried quite a few of their products now, and it’s safe to say I love them all.

So when I learned Typology had released a sunscreen I got seriously excited! Sunscreen is something I use religiously come rain or shine. Usually I’m using up the kids’ zinc oxide sunscreens and covering up the cast with mineral powder. So I’m itching to try something a bit more grown up that works better for the face and doesn’t leave such a greasy and glaring complexion.

Typology regularly send me products to try, and along with the sunscreen they also sent me another summer skincare staple – gorgeous botanical mists to refresh and boost my skin.

Shall we take a look at them all now?

Typology sunscreen & botanical mists

Typology SPF30 Face Sunscreen with Aloe Vera

I’m so excited to share this sunscreen with you. Typology describe their sunscreen as lightweight in texture, leaving no white cast, and giving a non-shiny and non-sticky finish. This sounds like a dream doesn’t it?

Typology SPF30 Face Sunscreen with Aloe Vera

Typology Sunscreen is formulated with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera to hydrate and soothe the skin. It can be used with or instead of your moisturiser, and I really love that!

The sunscreen prevents burning and photo-ageing through a combination of mineral and organic filters. These offer broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection without controversial sunscreen ingredients like avobenzone, oxybenzone, and octocrylene.

First, Typology Sunscreen contains the mineral filter Zinc Oxide, the active ingredient in many natural and children’s sunscreens and the one that’s responsible for leaving a white cast.

It also contains several other types of filter, known as organic filters. Together, the filters absorb and reflect UV rays to protect the skin from the sun. Typology have selected these ingredients based on their harmlessness to health and the environment.

  • Disodium Phenyl Dibenzimidazole Tetrasulfonate: UVA protection.
  • Ethylhexyl Triazone: UVB protection.
  • Diethylamino Hydroxybenzoyl Hexyl Benzoate: provides UVA protection and neutralises free radicals generated during sun exposure.
  • Bis-ethylhexyloxyphenol Methoxyphenyl Triazine: offers broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection.

I’m not sure whether these ingredients are considered chemical filters, but I feel like much safer using these than the regulars you find in chemical sunscreens. Especially during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Now we know more about the sunscreen and what it offers, would you like to know my experience of using it?

My experience using Typology Sunscreen

Typology Sunscreen comes in a small squeezable black plastic tube. The sunscreen is a light and thin lotion with a pale yellow colour. It’s really easy to apply and sinks in quickly with no drag across the skin and no need to rub it in.

It has a slight non-added fragrance – a buttery and floral scent that’s hard to place, but not unpleasant. I need to wait 20 minutes before sun exposure with this one, so in that way it works a little like sunscreens containing chemical filters.

I’m delighted to report that Typology Sunscreen doesn’t leave me shiny or with a white cast on my face. However, bear in mind that this sunscreen is not waterproof.

So far the sunscreen has protected my skin well whilst spending time in the sun – like several hours outdoors at my Mum’s 60th birthday garden party last weekend.

I love how easy it is to apply and that it has soothing and antioxidant properties like a regular moisturiser. I do feel it’s a little expensive compared with zinc oxide sunscreens. There doesn’t seen to be much in the tube, but given it’s only for my face it should last a few months. Despite this, I feel the price is worth it and so the sunscreen may well become my go-to sunscreen!

Overall verdict: a light, easy to apply mineral and organic filter sunscreen that protects from both burning and ageing and leaves a non-greasy finish with no white cast.

Typology SPF30 Face Sunscreen with Aloe Vera

Buy Now – £27.40 at Typology

Typology Antioxidant Botanical Mist with Organic Green Tea

I love to use face mists daily in place of a toner. In summer, I find them especially refreshing and a great way to pack some extra skincare benefits in. They also bring a layer of hydration before using moisturisers or balms.

Typology Antioxidant Botanical Mist with Organic Green Tea

According to Typology, its certified organic Antioxidant Botanical Mist with Green Tea revives the skin’s radiance while providing antioxidant protection. It does this using active ingredients from green tea, silver fir seed, and petitgrain.

It’s suitable for all skin types but particularly dull skin that lacks radiance, uneven complexions, or for those living with excess pollution or blue light.

This mist comes in Typology’s signature dark plastic rectangular bottle with a mister spray fitting. To use, I spray it evenly over my face and enjoy the refreshing feeling and delicate herbal botanical scent. The mist dries non-sticky and leaves my skin soft, hydrated, and comfortable. I love the long term promise of radiance and protection from antioxidants.

Overall verdict: a gorgeous hydrating herbal-scented botanical mist packed with antioxidants to boost your skincare routine any time of day.

Typology Antioxidant Botanical Mist with Organic Green Tea

Buy Now – £17.50 at Typology

Typology Toning Botanical Mist with Organic Rose Geranium

Finally, let’s look at Typology Toning Botanical Mist with Rose Geranium. This mist is intended to stimulate collagen synthesis to improve firmness and elasticity.

Typology Toning Botanical Mist with Organic Rose Geranium

The certified organic mist contains rose geranium, beech bud, and Italian helichrysum and is particularly helpful for dry skin conditions – but can be used by all.

The Toning Mist comes in the same packaging as the Antioxidant Mist. The application and experience are the same, aside from the fragrance which is floral and quite lovely.

I feel like this mist is well suited to my normal to dry and mature skin type and adds extra moisture to my skin along with refreshing hydration. My skin is super soft for using the mist and I love to spritz it several times a day. I have high hopes for it in the long term and I feel it makes a great skincare investment since it promises to boost collagen production.

Overall verdict: a sumptuous floral mist to help boost collagen production and bring hydration to dry and mature skin types.

Typology Toning Botanical Mist with Organic Rose Geranium

Buy Now – £20.80 at Typology

Final thoughts on Typology sunscreen & botanical mists

I’m so pleased with everything I try from Typology! Their summer edit has really rounded off the entire collection. You should visit and take a look, there’s so much to choose from! See for the full collection, or visit @typologyparis for inspiration.

Have you tried anything from Typology yet? Let me know in the comments! And remember to follow and subscribe for more posts from me.

Until next time!



  1. I have seen the products but haven’t picked any up because the brand was unfamiliar. This was so helpful, thanks!

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    Looks like my type of sunscreen too, thanks for the review!

  3. I’m always on the lookout for high quality clean products that work! Thanks for sharing this.

  4. I can’t wait to try that sunscreen! I’ve been looking for something a bit more natural.

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