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Welcome back, beauty lover! Today it’s time to share a gorgeous brand that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for some time but not yet shared on my blog. Pretty Special Beauty creates the most fragrant and well-considered aromatherapy based skincare products. I’m really excited to share with you today my Pretty Special Beauty perfume oils review.

Before we look at these perfume oils in more detail, let me introduce Pretty Special Beauty and Lisa, its founder.

Nature is the key to pure & natural beauty

Lisa believes in creating delicately scented effective skincare products that invoke powerful emotions of happiness and wellbeing. Think sumptuous night balm with exotic butters, beauty oil that boosts the skin’s radiance, and a synergistically blended pillow mist for restful slumbers.

I really love how Lisa gives recommendations for using her products within a holistic skincare routine to help you take the best possible care of your skin and wellbeing.

When you consider that she works with key British suppliers to choose only sustainable raw and organic ingredients, Pretty Special Beauty really stands out amongst other indie skincare brands.

Pretty Special Beauty perfume oils

So let’s turn our attention to these beautiful perfume oils. Described as a trio of perfume oils to calm, soothe and destress the mind, body, and soul.

Beauty Sleep is described as helping to aid and promote a restful sleep as well as open the crown chakra, paving the way for a balanced spiritual life. I keep this perfume oil by the side of my bed to roll over my pulse points before going to sleep. The bottle looks like it contains cornflowers and the fragrance is delicate lavender, it is so soothing.

Heart & Soul brings harmony, balance and support to the heart chakra, allowing positive energy to flow. It has a sweet floral scent and looks like it contains pink rose petals. It’s definitely a happy aroma. Looking at the bottle, it reminds me how to let love in.

Serenity helps draw nervous energy away from the brain and down to the root chakra, helping us to feel more grounded, pragmatic and reassured. This perfume oil, containing yellow petals, sings to me the most. I use it when I’m feeling overwhelmed by the kids’ noise. It’s really calming but joyous at the same time.

What I love about the perfume oils

  • The scents are delicate and natural.
  • I love the floral content inside the rollerball bottle. It’s really nice to muse over it while taking a moment to find calm and contemplation.
  • My kids love them too, and help me to apply them.
  • Easy to use on the go. I can just pop one into my handbag.
  • Plastic free.

The perfume oils are a wonderful treat for yourself or a gift for a busy mum who needs to find a moment of contemplation in her life. I think they’re perfect for busy, overwhelmed, and stressed parents. If you fancy giving them a try for yourself, why not visit the Pretty Special Beauty store at the link below?

Pretty Special Beauty perfume oils gift set

Buy Now – £35 at Pretty Special Beauty

Final thoughts on Pretty Special Beauty perfume oils

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about Pretty Special Beauty’s perfume oils. Find out more at or visit @prettyspecialbeauty.

Will you try them? Let me know in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you!

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Happy perfuming!


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