More women are choosing to bypass their doctor’s surgery and take control of their gynae health by taking an at-home vaginal health test. These tests are convenient, discreet, and comprehensive. Testing the health of your vagina is important if you’re trying for a baby, approaching the menopause, thinking about IVF, or experiencing any vaginal discomfort, odour, or itching. But what does at-home vaginal health testing involve? And is it worth the cost?

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In this post, I honestly review the Daye Vaginal Health bundle. This comprehensive test kit includes everything you need to better understand your vaginal health, and take the best course of action -whether this looks like treatment through conventional or holistic medicine.

The vaginal microbiome is the ecosystem of bacteria, yeasts and other microorganisms that live inside your vagina. When its balance is off, it’s vulnerable to infections and other gynae health complications.

The Daye Vaginal Health Bundle contains a kit that tests for common STIs, while taking a broad picture of the microbiota in the vagina. It helpfully puts you in touch with specialists who can help, whatever the results of your test.

What’s in the Daye Vaginal Health Bundle?

Inside the box is an STI + vaginal microbiome screening tampon which you’ll use to take a sample (avoiding a swab at your GP), and a 30 days supply of Daye ProViotics 100% lactobacilli supplement.

Daye Vaginal Health Bundle

I’ve taken the Daye Vaginal Microbiome Test twice. I first took the tampon microbiome test last year while 38 weeks pregnant, and this is my second time taking the test at 7 months postpartum. My first microbiome test uncovered some really interesting stuff about how my vaginal microbiome changed during pregnancy.

Interestingly, albeit slightly worryingly, the first test showed that pregnancy was causing some degree of vaginal dysbiosis, that is, a misbalance of good to bad bacteria. Thankfully, after pregnancy, and taking this second test, the dysbiosis partially resolved.

How the test works

After buying your kit, you take a sample from your vagina by inserting a tampon (which is super easy), and send it back to Daye’s experts for analysis. It’s discreet, uncomplicated, and gives you control over your gynae health without involving your doctor.

The kit tests for:

  • STIs – chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, mycoplasma genitalium
  • Lactobacilli – good bacteria that change the acidity of the vagina, making it a hostile environment for any unwanted infections
  • Yeast-like fungi – for example, thrush
  • Anaerobic bacteria – like, BV infection
  • Ureaplasma and mycoplasma – these organisms can cause infection and inflammation, potentially affecting fertility

I love how comprehensive the test is, and I wish I knew about it before I had my first baby!

Completing the test

The first step is to activate your kit on Daye’s website. The website asks a few questions to ensure Daye can better understand your gynae health. Everything is included in the discreetly packaged kit. Two tampons, a bag to seal the tampon in, and preserving fluid to ensure your sample is protected in transit.

Daye box

Taking the sample, you simply insert the tampon for a short time – ideally between 20 minutes and 8 hours. Urine can contaminate the sample, so I wore mine between toilet visits. Daye helpfully include 2 tampons should you need to take another test.

Simply seal up the tampon inside the waterproof bag, pop it in the box, and send it back the same day. It’s best to do the test early in the week to ensure it arrives at the lab before the weekend.

Daye email you to let you know they got the sample, then email you again when the results are in – this can take up to 10 days.

The Daye vaginal microbiome test results

The test results are delivered via Daye’s website. The website helpfully breaks down the results in your personalised dashboard. Everything is clear and easy to read. I really like the quick breakdown – here I can see that I’m free from STIs but there’s a problem with my vaginal microbiome.

Daye dashboard breakdown

Clicking through to view the full report, I can see that my lactobacillus (friendly bacteria) is reduced. Thankfully, my ureaplasma levels reduced to normal since my last test. I love how the website reassures me that my lactobacillus levels are not a medical emergency, as it could be easy to panic. It would be nice to see how much reduced my lactobacillus is, as I’m left wondering am I mildly deficient, or is this a drastic scarcity? And what might the change be since my last test?

The results pages also link out to scientific papers so you can learn more about the studies behind the test results. As for me, since my lactobacilli levels are still low, I’ll be addressing that with Daye ProViotics and lifestyle changes. After reading through the help text on the site I’m wondering is my result due to postpartum or possibly even the approaching menopause? It’s all food for thought, and I’m definitely curious to take another test after implementing my lifestyle changes for a few months.

The dashboard offers many ways to get help based on the test results. From sexual and reproductive health nurses, specialist OBGYNs, your GP, or even nutritionists. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed or alone with your results, as help is most definitely on hand.

Daye ProViotics

Daye’s ProViotics are live, cold-pressed lactobacilli which aim to enrich the vaginal microbiome, potentially helping to ward off infections. While there’s no evidence that taking probiotics can actually prevent vaginal infections, Daye ProViotics stand out because the way they’ve been processed means they’re more likely to survive your gut, and in turn help your vagina.

While more research is needed to prove the efficacy of probiotics, taking a probiotic daily is a great way to boost the flora in your gut, which has a wider impact on your health. If you’re going to take probiotics due to vaginal health concerns, then make it Daye ProViotics. If you have recurrent vaginal infections and all else is failing you, I’d definitely give them a go.

Final thoughts on the Daye Vaginal Health Bundle

Daye’s at-home STI + microbiome screening test represents a step forwards in women’s health and wellbeing. A healthy vagina ensures good pregnancy outcomes and taking a test is complete peace of mind, especially if you have any vaginal symptoms.

Taking a test in the privacy and comfort of your own home is definitely worth the cost, especially if you have any prohibitive reason e.g. physical disability or mental health issue.

Find out for yourself at or check out Daye’s inspirational Instagram account. Daye also make pain-busting CBD tampons which actually helped me with period pain.

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Happy testing!


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