“How do I care for and clean my body shaper?” is a collaborative post.

If body shapers are essential for you, it is important to learn how to care for and clean them. Most shapers you see are usually made from delicate fabrics with intricate designs. Thus, you will have to be more careful to maintain their effectiveness and durability. How can you do it right? 

Learn the unique properties of the body shapers

When you start cleaning or learning care tips, you should know about the body shaper. You cannot do good if you’re unaware of the materials and construction of shapers. Many wholesale body shapers are generally made from a combo of spandex and nylon. Some brands use other elastic fabrics to give you the necessary compression.

So, you should learn the unique properties of the body shapers you will be taking care of.

General care tips

  • With each body shaper, you will find the attached label. You should read it because it includes specific instructions for your shaper.
  • It is not good if you wear the same body shaper daily. So, you should rotate the body shapers. This will give them the rest and allow the fibres to maintain their shape.
  • Each time you put on or take off, your body shapers; be gentle with it. If you don’t, you may damage the fabric. In fact, avoid sharp nails or jewellery as well.
  • You need to be extra careful with your seamless body shaper; they’re more delicate.

Cleaning your body shaper

Frequency of washing

You can wash your shapers after a few wears. Regular washing will help maintain the hygiene and integrity of the fabric.

Hand washing

  1. For new body shapers or delicate fabrics, you can go for hand washing. Use lukewarm water and add detergent designed for it.
  2. The next step is to soak the body shaper for 10-15 minutes to help dirt and oils loosen.
  3. Now, swish the body shaper in the water and avoid twisting because it can damage fibres.
  4. The last thing is to rinse the garment under cool running water. Make sure all soap residue is gone.

More tips to care for body shapers

You should also know the following important things if you want your shaper to work best.

  • People use fabric softeners, but you should avoid them when washing your body shapers. It will coat the elastic fibres and reduce the compression power.
  • Never use bleach because it weakens the fabric while causing discolouration.
  • Also, you should place your body shapers in a drawer after properly folding them. If you hang them it will stretch out over time

Anyone who is starting shapewear dropshipping should know these things. It will help them to provide better services to the customers. They should provide them with the necessary instructions as well.

Maintaining elasticity and shape

With time, even the best care cannot stop the body shapers to lose elasticity and shape. So, you can prolong it by wearing the right size and treat them well during wearing and washing.

You can follow these care and cleaning tips to make your body shapers reliable.

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