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Welcome back, skincare lover! This post is all about new additions to the Typology skincare line. We’re going to chat about the fabulous Typology scrubs and masks, plus their new body care additions – an effective body scrub and a minimalist 10-ingredient body moisturiser.

Have you heard of Typology before? Typology are one of my favourite clean skincare brands right now! They’re all about sustainable, simple, and effective. You might’ve spotted their beautiful minimalist brand aesthetic that’s super appealing.

Back in July last year I reviewed several gorgeous Typology products that the brand so kindly sent to me when they launched in the UK. If you’d like to learn more about the brand story, you should definitely take a look!

Since then, I’ve heard from the brand twice about trying newly launched products. To my shame, my backlog has meant a delay in bringing them here to you, my dear!

So without further ado, let’s have a look at these fabulous Typology scrubs and masks plus body care!

Typology scrubs and masks: new in

Here, I will cover a face scrub and two masks from Typology’s PLANTES range, all brimming with active botanical ingredients.

Typology scrubs and masks with some of their ingredients

Typology scrubs are recommended by the brand to remove dead skin cells and stimulate cell renewal. We’ll look at their Regenerating Face Scrub.

The masks are super-concentrated and target specific skincare concerns. I tried the Peeling Mask with Organic Red Fruit Acids and the Purifying Mask with Charcoal and Organic Nettle.

Shall we see how we got on? Let’s do it!

Regenerating Face Scrub with Olive Squalane

Let’s start with the gorgeous triple textured Regenerating Face Scrub. It’s great for all skin types, especially dry skin. It promises to exfoliate the skin, unclogging pores and refining the skin’s texture. The scrub also claims to nourish and smooth the skin for a radiant complexion.

Typology Regenerating Face Scrub with Olive Squalane

With plant-based squalane to regenerate the skin and reduce dryness, it also contains beautifying and fragrant rose geranium essential oil. The scrub base is gentle and non-abrasive apricot kernel powder.

I absolutely love how this scrub starts off as a gel, transforms to an oil when massaging into the skin, then changes into an easy to remove milk on contact with water.

I manually exfoliate my skin once a week and use acids between “scrubs”, so this product suits me perfectly.

Admittedly, I was thrown back to teenage skincare of the 1990s when I first saw the apricot kernel powder ingredient in the scrub. And I winced a little remembering how me and probably countless other young women over-exfoliated with St Ives Apricot Scrub!

Texture of Typology Regenerating Face Scrub

Thanks for the memories! But back to now. This mask is nothing like St Ives Scrub, so don’t worry about it leaving you sore or raw. However, due to its mechanical nature it is quite a “scrubby scrub” – so do go gently.

Using Regenerating Face Scrub

To use the Regenerating Face Scrub, I start with freshly cleansed and dry skin. I squeeze a small amount of the scrub on to the tips of my fingers then gently massage it into the skin on my face, paying particular attention to problem areas on my nose and chin.

The fragrance is beautiful – rosy, floral, and very comforting. Even though the gel starts off thick, it transforms to an oil wonderfully and to feel it melt and glide over my skin is very satisfying.

When it comes to rinsing, I like to wet my fingertips to see it transform into a milk, paying attention around my hairline. Then I splash and massage to take it all away. I was surprised to still feel the mask on my skin after removing it! But this slight residue feels ever so nourishing and quickly sinks into my skin, leaving it moisturised and soft. There’s no sign of irritation and my skin is certainly does feel refined and smooth.

Overall verdict: a traditional and simple manual scrub with a modern twist. Beautifully fragranced, easy to use, and leaves skin refreshed and renewed.

Typology Regenerating Face Scrub with Olive Squalane

Buy Now – £20.40 at Typology

Peeling Mask with Organic Red Fruit Acids

Next up, and probably my favourite Typology mask – the Typology Peeling Mask gives an immediate glow to tired and dull skin and is recommended to treat skin irregularities, roughness, and blackheads.⁣ It promises to instantly renew the skin and clean pores for a more radiant complexion.

Peeling Mask with Organic Red Fruit Acids

I absolutely love the formulation of this mask! It’s a double-action exfoliator, meaning it contains both chemical and mechanical exfoliators.

With its clever melting gel texture, its active ingredients include enzyme and vitamin rich blackberry, blackcurrant, and raspberry fruit acids, along with poly-hydroxy acids (PHAs) to gently exfoliate the skin. Manual exfoliation comes from super-fine cranberry powder which also contains antioxidants to protect the skin.

Texture of Typology Peeling Mask

What I also like about this mask is that it’s certified organic. What a bonus!

This mask got me all excited because peeling masks can sometimes trigger sensitivity with me, but I had high hopes for this one!

Using Peeling Mask with Organic Red Fruit Acids

This mask works well for me once or twice a week. I start with cleansed and dry skin, and apply a semi-thick layer of the light, soft pink gel to my skin. Gently smoothing the mask over my face, I can feel the exfoliating cranberry powder in the mask. The mask has no discernible fragrance.

Now it’s time to relax for 10 minutes while the mask works its magic. Impressively, there is absolutely no sensation of stinging or tingling with this mask. It dries very comfortably indeed. I hardly know I am wearing it.

To complete the manual exfoliating action of the mask, once 10 minutes is up, I gently massage my skin and then rinse it all away. The mask is so light, that it’s no bother at all to rinse off.

My skin is left smooth, soft, and comfortable. There is no redness or irritation, and my skin is really glowing and looks invigorated. I love how this mask only takes 10 minutes to give such good results. I feel like even those with sensitive skin could use this mask and experience glowing skin with no irritation.

Overall verdict: a gentle dual action exfoliator that’s gentle enough for sensitive skins for a glowing and renewed complexion.

Typology Peeling Mask with Organic Red Fruit Acids

Buy Now – £26.90 at Typology

Purifying Mask with Charcoal and Organic Nettle

Next up, let’s take a look at the dark and moody Purifying Mask with Charcoal and Nettle! Typology recommend to pick the Purifying Mask to detoxify the skin in the evening.

Purifying Mask with Charcoal and Organic Nettle

This mask is suggested to regulate excess sebum. It dries out imperfections and deeply cleanses the skin, therefore it is particularly suited to oily, combination, and blemish prone skins.

Its active ingredients include sebum-regulating stinging nettle, purifying green clay, and mattifying pine charcoal. It’s also certified organic.

Texture of Typology Purifying Mask

I use a clay mask once a week to keep hormonal acne under control and leave my skin looking really fresh.

Using Purifying Mask with Charcoal and Organic Nettle

To use the Purifying Mask, I start with clean and dry skin. I simply apply the mask all over my face and leave it for 15 minutes.

I really appreciate that this clay mask has a light and easy to apply texture. It glides on nicely and doesn’t drag my skin. The mask has the light and refreshing fragrance of eucalyptus and mint, which I think is a really nice touch.

The mask dries well and doesn’t give that awful taut feeling as it dries. It actually stays quite moist by itself. Because of this, there is no sensation while using the mask.

After 15 minutes is up, I use water to rinse away the mask. I do sometimes notice a couple of stubborn patches when only rinsing with water, but these are easy to remove with a face cloth.

I love using this mask when I have the odd breakout. It really helps curb any mild acne while refreshing and renewing the complexion. I love how it deeply cleanses my skin without drying it out.

Overall verdict: a lightly textured purifying clay mask with eucalyptus and mint to refine and cleanse oily and blemish prone skin.

Typology Purifying Mask with Charcoal and Organic Nettle

Buy Now – £21.80 at Typology

Typology body care: new in

Body care is new to Typology and the brand has cleverly designed its body care products to meet the skin’s needs of exfoliation, hydration, nutrition, and protection.

Typology body care

I tried the Nourishing Body Scrub with Sweet Almond Oil, also from the PLANTES range, and 10-Ingredient Body Cream from Typology’s TEN range.

Shall we take a look?

Nourishing Body Scrub with Sweet Almond Oil

A body scrub is a must for me once a week to keep the skin on my body in good condition. Typology Nourishing Body Scrub is a simply yet effectively formulated melting exfoliating gel with apricot kernel micro grains.

Nourishing Body Scrub with Sweet Almond Oil

The scrub promises to soften and nourish the skin and is suitable for all skin types, especially dry skin that feels uncomfortable.

Its active ingredients include nourishing organic sweet almond oil and repairing organic lavandin super essential oil.

Just like the face scrub, this body scrub has a 3-in-1 texture, starting as a gel, transforming into an oil when on the skin, and finally becoming an easy to rinse milk on contact with water.

Once again, Typology impress me with their packaging. It’s totally recyclable and the giant squeezable tube is so much fun and fits neatly in my shower caddy.

Because the scrub is supposed to be applied to clean dry skin, you could take your time and dry yourself after a quick shower, apply the scrub, then take another shower to remove it.

Alternatively, if you’re short of time you could exfoliate quickly by applying it before showering. I think the results would be as good, but taking a shower first is the real deal!

Using Nourishing Body Scrub with Sweet Almond Oil

Uncapping the product, the light but rich gel is flecked through with exfoliating particles. It has the most gorgeous scent of lavender that brings a real spa like feel to the experience.

Texture of Typology Nourishing Body Scrub

The scrub is easy to apply and doesn’t drag at my skin. I massage it into my skin until it transforms into an oil. It feels comfortable and satisfyingly grainy.

It’s so pleasing to watch it turn into milk and run off down the drain. Although be aware that even the slightest bit of moisture turns it into milk! There is quite a bit of sediment left in the shower afterwards.

Like the face scrub, the body scrub leaves a slight layer of moisturising product on the skin after rinsing with water. This soon sinks in, leaving my skin well nourished.

My skin feels so soft, smooth, and comfortable – and the scrub has brought a nice glow to my skin that’s lovely coming into summer. Especially now that we’re all getting ready to bare our arms and legs again! In fact, the skin on my body hasn’t felt this soft in a long while! It works amazingly well on my feet too, leaving them soft and comfortable.

Overall verdict: a wonderfully effective manual scrub to soften, smooth, and bring a glow to skin without drying it out.

Typology Nourishing Body Scrub with Sweet Almond Oil

Buy Now – £19.60 at Typology

10-Ingredient Body Cream

Typology 10-Ingredient Body Cream is a lightweight, simply formulated but hydrating body cream that suits all skin types, including sensitive skin. It’s reassuringly dermatologically tested and 99% naturally-derived.

The Body Cream is actually very much like a version of Typology’s TEN Face Cream especially for your body!

It’s recommended by Typology to use their Body Cream daily, and indeed it’s easy enough to use and gentle enough to use it daily.

However, I don’t have time for body cream daily, I just use it as often as I can – probably 3 to 4 times a week.

Using 10-Ingredient Body Cream

Typology Body Cream is basic, but still very special! It has no added fragrance, but it smells naturally and mildly like coconut.

Texture of Typology 10-Ingredient Body Cream

Massaging the body cream into the skin all over my body, it sinks in quickly and beautifully and leaves no greasy residue. It feels very silky and cocooning.

I love how fast it is to apply, and even though it’s so lightweight, regular applications keep my dry skin in check. The results last all day, so I’m really happy with it!

This said, I’d like to use it over winter too – to see how it fares when my skin gets seasonally dry. We will see!

Overall verdict: a basic but effective silky body moisturiser that’s suitable for sensitive skins and cocoons the body in light moisture all day long.

Typology 10-Ingredient Body Cream

Buy Now – £21.50 at Typology

Final thoughts on Typology scrubs and masks + body

Typology’s new scrubs and masks make a great addition to their already effective skincare line. And it goes without saying that from the two body care products I’ve tried, I’m totally in love!

On a serious note, I really appreciate the brand’s commitment to sustainability and total transparency regarding ingredients.

I can’t wait to try more from Typology!

To begin your diagnostic test at Typology, view the entire range and learn more about the brand, visit or follow @typologyparis.

Have you tried Typology yet? What’s stopping you! Leave me a comment to let me know which product you like the sound of most! And to get more skincare posts from me, please subscribe and follow.

Until next time!



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