Welcome back, my friend. I hope you had a great Christmas? Today, I’m sharing an ever so glamorous and relaxing New Year’s Eve manicure with nail care game changers Kure Bazaar!

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New Year’s Eve with small children is certainly different to when I was in my twenties. But whether or not we venture out for the night, I absolutely love getting into the party spirit at home. For me, that includes making my nails look really glamorous on the run up to the new year.

But, it’s not just about the final look. I want to share with you a beautiful hand and nail manicure routine that’ll have you feeling so relaxed and soothed into the new year. All using natural nail care including that from Kure Bazaar.

Watch it sparkle!

I tried the Kure Bazaar Pompom Nail File, Ginger Nail Balm, and limited edition Diva Nail Polish.

Would you like to learn more about my relaxing manicure routine? Let’s begin!

The soundtrack

I press play on The Kallikatsou Recordings by The Chi Factory. I feel grounded and warm, but sometimes it’s a little dark. Because it’s winter, I embrace it.

The Manicure

Step 1. Remove old polish

The first step in my manicure is to remove old nail polish with a gentle nail polish remover, like Kure Bazaar Nail Polish Remover. This heavenly oil-based remover contains musk rose oil and rose water for a truly pampering experience. After removing my old polish, I wash my hands to remove any excess oil ready for the next step.

Step 2. File nails using Kure Bazaar Pompom Nail File

Next, I use the beautiful Kure Bazaar Pompom Nail File to shape my nails. How could anyone deny themselves this amazing nail file? How fabulous and sparkly it is!

Kure Bazaar Pompom Nail File in silver and blue

I file gently and in one direction to avoid damaging my nails. Tilting the file away so I’m filing my nails from underneath helps to protect them from over-filing (pro tip with thanks Glamour.com).

The Kure Bazaar Pompom Nail File does the amazing work of a professional nail file, but looks absolutely amazing – smoothing and shaping the contour of the nails without damaging them. One side is sparkly, catching and reflecting back the beautiful winter sun or candlelight (candles while manicuring, right?), while the other half is a professional duty emery board.

It brings a touch of glam to my manicure and looks beautiful on display. And it comes presented in this elegant white gift box. The nail file also comes in silver and green, or gold and pink – so much fun!

Occasionally, I buff my nails at this stage. It leads to a smoother end result, but it weakens nails over time.

Kure Bazaar Pompom Nail File – Silver & Blue

Buy Now – €5 at Kure Bazaar

Step 3. Treat the cuticles

Cuticle removers can be harsh, so instead I use an AHA exfoliant such as The Ordinary’s Glycolic Toning Solution to soften my cuticles and remove dead skin cells. Then I use a trusty cuticle stick to gently push back my cuticles. I’m itching to try these exfoliating cuticle sticks, but you can pick them up cheaply at Boots or your local chemist.

Step 4. Exfoliate the hands

My hands look so fresh for regular exfoliation! I either use the same glycolic toner as I used on my cuticles to save time, or an actual scrubby scrub – exfoliation is personal, so the choice is yours! Gallinée Prebiotic Mask & Scrub is my current go-to, because I get all the benefits of a prebiotic clay mask plus physical exfoliation. I wash and dry my hands again to remove any scrub particles.

Step 5. Moisturise & massage with Kure Bazaar Ginger Nail Balm

The next step, and my favourite part, is to massage and moisturise my hands. I use the techniques in this beautiful self hand massage video that I can easily follow along.

I like to use a light and nutritious oil for hand massage, like Balm Balm Little Miracle Rosehip Serum. Why? It’s easily absorbed, works on dark spots, and contains soothing ingredients to take down inflammation on my hands.

Kure Bazaar Ginger Nail Balm

Then I finish with Kure Bazaar Ginger Nail Balm. A decadent, fragrant balm that deeply nourishes, intensely hydrates, and protects my cuticles and nails. It promises to fortify the nails in the long term, improving their resistance to breakage, and repairing dry cuticles.

To finish, I swipe each nail with nail polish remover to ensure my polish will stick to the nail.

Kure Bazaar Ginger Lip and Nail Balm

Buy Now – €28.33 at Kure Bazaar

Step 6. Polish with Kure Bazaar Diva

The fun part! Apply a base coat, then a coloured polish in pink, or experiment with any colour you like. Kure Bazaar recommend Or Rose, a metallic pink, but I use Dolce, a soft rose pink for a gentler look. I keep the layers thin and use 3 strips: centre, and two outsides to cover the full nail.

Kure Bazaar "Diva"

Next, I apply the limited edition Kure Bazaar Diva sparkle polish over the top. Perfect for the party season, Diva is an elegant rose gold multi-tonal glitter. The great thing about Diva is that you can use it with colours, or alone, and layer it to build up the glitter effect. I love that Kure Bazaar polishes are based on potatoes, wheat, cotton, and corn and are 5-free. I felt really safe using Kure while pregnant and breastfeeding.

Kure Bazaar "Diva" manicure

They last a day or two without chipping, and I love the final finish. Even though I’m not skilled at applying nail polish, those who are could create some really great effects with these polishes!

To finish, apply a top coat with vitamin E and strengthening bamboo to seal everything in.

Kure Bazaar Nail Polish in Diva

Buy Now – £16 at Naturisimo

Final thoughts on Kure Bazaar

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about my Kure Bazaar nail routine. I find it a lovely way to relax and take time for myself, and Kure Bazaar are such a gorgeous natural nail care brand with lots to offer.

What’s your manicure routine? Let me know in the comments! And don’t forget to follow and subscribe to keep in touch!

Happy manicuring!



  1. Amber Myers Reply

    How gorgeous. I just love glitter. I wish I could put stuff on my nails but I have a sensory issue and can’t.

  2. Oh! The Ginger Nail Balm sounds amazing (and what my cuticles need year-round). I love the nail file, too — so glamorous! You’ve inspired me to give myself a fab manicure for NYE!

  3. nadaliebardo Reply

    Oh la la, I LOVE sparkly nails and there’s no better night than new years. I think I know what I’m doing the day of – getting my nails ready!

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