Welcome back! Today I’m sharing my thoughts on John Masters Organics Intensive Repair Honey & Hibiscus Shampoo & Conditioner. This hairchare duo is the perfect replenishing package for hair that is damaged and in need of nourishing care to restore its brilliance.

John Masters Organics never fail to impress me with their sublime and luxurious hair and skin care products. I’m a huge fan of their range, which features high-performance natural ingredients to solve real-world beauty problems. Founded in 1991, John Masters Organics is at the forefront of natural and clean beauty products to help us look and feel our very best.

The latest addition to their haircare line is the Intensive Repair range featuring hydrating honey alongside protective hibiscus extract. If your hair is damaged – whether it be from heat styling or colouring, this could be the shampoo and conditioner duo for you.

As for me, my fine hair is damaged from bleaching and using the hair dryer and straighteners too often. I’m having plenty of bad hair days right now thanks to regrowth of postpartum hair, and greys growing back in. At the moment, I’m taking a break from colouring my hair just to bring it back to health until I decide what to do with it long term. I’m also finding it hard to style due to its dryness and frizziness. Can John Masters Organics Intensive Repair help? Let’s take a look!

John Masters Organics Intensive Repair Shampoo with Honey & Hibiscus

The very nature of shampoo means it can often be drying, stripping your hair of its natural moisture. Many shampoos are not hydrating or moisturising enough for dry and damaged hair and can be both hard to work through, and to rinse away. Problem scalps can also be exacerbated by harsh shampoos, leading to irritation and flakiness.

John Masters Organics Intensive Repair Shampoo with Honey & Hibiscus

Enter John Masters Organics Intensive Repair Shampoo. This organic silicone-free shampoo contains honey and hibiscus, which promise to strengthen the hair and protect it from future damage at the root. Reassuringly, it’s safe for chemically and colour-treated hair. It promises not to over-dry the hair, but to remove buildup without stripping the scalp’s natural moisture. I love the promise of creating extra resilience at the root to protect damaged hair from future damage.

Key ingredients and their claims include:

  • Organic honey, said to nourish the hair with essential nutrients and work as a humectant to draw in moisture.
  • Organic hibiscus water and flower extract, included to gently remove dead skin and dirt while balancing scalp’s natural oil production.
  • Mango seed butter, to strengthen hair follicles, reduce breakage and promote scalp health.

My experience

The shampoo comes in a gorgeous plastic bottle that’s so easy to use. It’s thick, creamy, and has an elegant and invigorating woodsy, floral, and citrus scent. The shampoo is concentrated and only a small amount is needed to create a beautiful rich lather. It’s really easy to work this shampoo into the scalp, and super easy to rinse away. It’s a real pleasure to use. My hair feels clean, hydrated and ready for conditioning. Let’s take a look at the conditioner now.

Intensive Repair Shampoo with Honey & Hibiscus

Buy Now – £30 at John Masters Organics

John Masters Organics Intensive Repair Conditioner with Honey & Hibiscus

Choose John Masters Organics Intensive Repair Conditioner when brittle and damaged hair needs rescuing. In this formula, honey and hibiscus extracts repair and restore the hair whilst nourishing shea butter, aloe, and sunflower seed oils shield strands from further damage.

John Masters Organics Intensive Repair Conditioner with Honey & Hibiscus

It promises to help add strength and elasticity to dry and brittle hair, making it less prone to breakage and future proofing it against further breakage and split ends.

Key ingredients and their claims include:

  • Organic honey, a humectant that adds essential nutrients and draws in moisture.
  • Organic hibiscus flower extract, adds amino acids to repair and strengthen.
  • Sunflower seed oil, rich in fatty acids that help to retain moisture over time.

My experience

Again, this is a really beautiful conditioner – gloriously thick, pillowy, and smells heavenly. It’s easy to squeeze from the bottle and comes out in soft creamy ribbons that smooth over the hair to add instant moisture and manageability.

The first time I used the Intensive Repair Shampoo & Conditioner I was wowed by the results. My hair is softer, smoother, more manageable, and looked healthier (think shine and swish). With richer shampoos and conditioners, there’s always a chance they’ll add too much moisture as heavier butters and oils can weigh down the hair. However, I’ve found that not to be the case with JMO Intensive Repair. I can still stretch my hair washings out over the week without my hair looking greasy, and my hair isn’t weighed down.

Over time, I’ve found my hair is retaining moisture better, and seems strengthened.

I haven’t noticed much difference in the health of my scalp, it is still quite itchy and irritable. But I have psoriasis and I think it would be hard to make a huge difference to my scalp condition with a shampoo and conditioner.

The downside is, this shampoo and conditioner duo are quite expensive. If you typically buy your shampoo and conditioner in the supermarket then these prices could come as quite a shock. But you are paying for a luxury product with salon-like results. The bottles are pretty big and will last a few months. Buying organic haircare products also means you’re investing in yourself and the health of the planet.

All in all, I’m having fewer bad hair days – so I really am very happy with this duo and would definitely recommend them to anybody with damaged, dry, or colour treated hair.

Repair Conditioner with Honey & Hibiscus

Buy Now – £30 at John Masters Organics

Final thoughts on John Masters Organic Intensive Repair

So there you have it – my John Masters Organics Intensive Repair Shampoo & Conditioner review.

To learn more about the brand and their hair and skin care products, visit johnmastersorganics.co.uk or @johnmastersorganics.

What do you think to this hair care duo? Will you try them? Have you tried John Masters Organics before? Let me know in the comments! And to hear more hair care reviews, why not subscribe to my blog and follow me on Instagram.

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