To my dear Lydia,

How much children change and grow in only the space of a year! Lydia, you are 2! How did that happen?

It’s become a family tradition to write to each of you on your birthday with an update of your year. I include your likes, dislikes, and the little things that make you tick and that are all so easy to forget as you grow up. I hope you love your birthday letter, Lydia!

Last year I wrote about how sweet natured you are, and that’s still very much who you are. You’re kind, sensitive, and have a really big heart. You love to share and include others. We have started to see some of the 2 year old sass in the last week or two though! We are prepared for it!

Weaned from breastmilk

You were about 18 months old when you had your last breastfeed from me and weaned completely. Unfortunately, as was the case with all my pregnancies, I developed a huge nursing aversion.

Sleeping on dad

Dad became your go-to parent. It is sad for me, we both cried about it. But this time, I’m less “offended” since the same thing happened with Cara when she weaned, then once she got a bit older she came right back to me and loved me just the same as before.

We got you a lovely little bed in the shape of a house, and you got the small bedroom all to yourself – which you love! Although you still want Dad in your bed every night!

Became a big sister

At the moment, you’re still getting to grips with not being the baby of the family anymore – but you love “Ell-nor” with all your kind heart. I can’t wait to see you and Eleanor become playmates, since you’re so close in age.

Mum and Lydia at the pumpkin patch

First holiday abroad

We went to Bulgaria and you had your first flight. You loved it all, especially the playground and swimming pool. Spending hours playing with sand and water was just your thing! It was so nice for you to have this experience with your family. I’m so grateful to your grandma who funded our trip together!

Just started at playgroup

You had a couple of good sessions but then you caught a cold and you haven’t been too happy about me leaving.

Lydia playing and smiling

You love the church playgroup we visit every Wednesday and I love it too! We feel a part of their little family and it’s so nice to be included and cared for! The messy play rocks, too.

Missing your best buddy Cara

Cara was absolutely your best buddy until she started school. It was so sad to hear you miss her so much and not have your playmate around!

Cara and Lydia loving each other

But we try to make up for it by visiting playgroups more and I try to lavish you with attention when I’m not feeding or holding the baby!

You’re talking like a champ!

You have so many words and string together the longest of sentences! I’m sure you excel in speech and language and I wonder how this will go as you get older.

Your loves

Your favourite shows are Peppa Pig and Baby Shark. Your favourite foods are apples, ham sandwiches, and jelly sweets. You absolutely don’t like spiders!

Lydia, you are 2 and we love you with all our hearts and can’t wait for another year with you, little sweetheart.

Lots of love,

Mummy xx

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