Welcome back my friend! The UK is currently experiencing a cold snap, with bitter freezing fog, snow flurries and sub zero temperatures making most of us feel like heading under our duvets! It goes without saying that you’ll be wondering how to protect your baby’s skin in winter.

We all know our baby’s skin needs protection in winter, but what makes baby skin so sensitive? Well, baby skin is actually more permeable and prone to dryness than adult skin – so it needs more protection.

Did you know that baby skin loses water faster than adult skin, too? Unfortunately for our little ones, their skin is more susceptible to damage from the environment, which can cause wider problems. A breakdown of the outermost layer of the skin can cause atopic dermatitis, leading to allergies.

With all this in mind, your baby definitely needs her beautiful skin protecting this winter! And if you’re looking for winter skincare for your family, then do check out my guide.

How to protect your baby’s skin

Time in a pushchair can really play havoc with baby’s skin. My little one, Lydia, always gets bright red cheeks in winter. Here’s what we do to stay on top of it.


Make sure your baby is dressed for the weather with protective clothing like a hat, gloves, and a cute snow suit. If your pushchair has a rain cover, use it to keep the cold wind off, too.

Your baby’s daily routine

Your baby’s daily skincare routine can make all the difference to how her skin handles the cold weather.

Lydia enjoying skincare time

Protection is key, and products containing natural butters and waxes help to form a protective barrier against the elements while keeping the moisture in her skin.

Protect their hands & face

A barrier between the skin and the cold air is just what’s needed. You can also apply a barrier cream before meals to protect from acidic foods such as tomatoes and oranges.

Zoe Bee makes the most beautiful creams, many of which are suitable for children. We particularly love the Charcoal and Oat Moisturiser.

Zoe Bee moisturiser will help protect your baby's skin in winter

Weleda Weather Protection Cream contains occlusive ingredients to keep skin moisturised while blocking out the elements. A small amount goes a long way, so use a dab to protect your baby’s face and hands from the cold and damp.

Beauty Kitchen Natruline is a vegan and non-petroleum alternative to Vaseline. My kids love this one! It’s super thick and sticky and it protects their lips for ages. Balmonds do some awesome balms especially for eczema-prone babies.

Lyonsleaf make some amazing balms and butters for the whole family. Try their Zinc & Calendula cream once any problems set in.

Bath-time boosters

Bath-time is a great time to boost your baby’s skin! Skip drying bubble bath and instead choose a luxurious bath oil, like this one from InLight. This will cling to your baby’s skin and leave it soft and moisturised. Remember, a hot bath can be drying so keep it warm, not overly hot.

InLight Baby Bath Oil is fabulous in winter

Regular soap is too harsh for young skin. Use a gentle body wash instead – Evereden Foaming Baby Shampoo & Wash is one of my favourites. We often throw in a cupful of colloidal oatmeal to further soothe my baby’s skin.

Don’t forget to use a gorgeous bedtime moisturiser after your baby’s bath to lock in the moisture. This sleep time top to toe cream from Little Aurelia has our hearts!

Try fragrance free skincare

If your baby is particularly sensitive, try fragrance free skincare. I like the Weleda White Mallow range.

Around the home

Be mindful of variations in temperature – too much heat in the house can aggravate skin problems. You can always try fragrance free and gentle washing liquids and fabric softeners, too.

Final thoughts on how to protect your baby’s skin in winter

I hope you’ve found these tips on how to protect your baby’s skin in winter helpful. For more children’s skincare advice and reviews please see my section on children’s skincare.

What tips can you share to help your baby’s skin in winter? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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