Welcome back, skincare lover! Today I’m delighted to share a very special brand indeed – it’s ISUN Skincare! If you’re a busy parent hoping to carve out some special time for yourself, then this is the skincare brand that’s sure to delight.

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Hailing from the San Juan Mountains in Colorado, ISUN products promise to encourage the light within us to radiate, using wild-crafted and organic herbs, pure plant distillates, essential oils and butters.

Where alchemy and loving care are combined to create exquisite, skin awakening.

I first tried the line back in 2018 when I sampled their cucumber and rose mist, and I’ve been curious ever since. So I literally leapt at the chance to try more! I definitely wasn’t disappointed – in fact, I haven’t been so excited about a skincare line and their products in a long while.

I was very lucky to be sent several of the brand’s products to try, including ISUN’s Sapphire Travel Pouch containing a mini cleanser, facial oil and moisturiser, and the brand’s wonderful Antioxidant Sun Butter, which protects the skin up to SPF27.

ISUN Antioxidant Sun Butter

This natural butter is recommended to protect against environmental stressors with its luxurious blend of fruit oils, antioxidants and non-nano zinc oxide.

ISUN Antioxidant Sun Butter

Butters including shea, mango, and aloe vera help to lock in moisture leaving the skin feeling hydrated and protected.

This is such a beautiful and well considered product. I think it’s the perfect companion for late summer and early autumn, since its sun protection is just enough to cover these transitional days.

I use the butter in the morning over freshly cleansed skin, after using a couple of layers of hydration and a face oil. It’s typical for me to skip on moisturiser when using ISUN Antioxidant Sun Butter, as I don’t want too much heaviness on my skin.

The butter comes in a large dark glass jar with a screw cap. It looks beautiful next to other products on my shelf!

Only a small amount is needed to glide over the skin leaving a fresh and surprisingly non greasy look. It smells delectable – like chocolate in fact. The butter leaves a whisper of a white cast, but it’s completely bearable. My skin feels calmed, hydrated, and well nourished. It wears comfortably all day, too!

I love the benefits of this sun butter including its protective antioxidants. It’s a really gorgeous SPF, it comes highly recommended.

ISUN Antioxidant Sun Butter

Buy Now – £50 at ISUN

ISUN Sapphire Travel Pouch for sensitive skin

The ISUN travel pouches are ideal when you’re on the go. They’re the perfect way to sample the ISUN skincare range, and would make a perfect gift. Here, I’m trying the Sapphire range which is tailored for sensitive skin, with calming calendula, cucumber, and chamomile.

ISUN Sapphire Travel Pouch for sensitive skin

My pouch includes a 30ml Sapphire Cleanse Facial Cleanser, a 15ml Sapphire Facial Oil, and a 15ml Soothing Relief Balm Face & Body Moisturiser.

Sapphire Cleanser

I’m truly in love with this soothing and hydrating trio. The Sapphire Cleanser is a light and refreshing oil free cream cleanser that works perfectly as a single cleanse. You can also use it to cleanse twice, but I haven’t tried it that way. It smells so delicious, like fresh cucumber and coconut. It leaves my skin so clean and hydrated without a hint of tautness. The smell reminds me of all things summer and I simply can’t get enough!

Sapphire Facial Oil

The Sapphire Facial Oil is a truly luxurious skin treat. Passion fruit oil, calendula extract, and jasmine are combined with natural fatty acids and promise to bring glow and a strengthened skin barrier. Perfect for parched skin!

Sapphire Soothing Relief Balm Face & Body Moisturiser

Soothing Relief Balm Face & Body Moisturiser is a silky multi-use balm that doubles up as a moisturiser or a mask. It’s a dream to apply and it brings comfort and wellness to sunburned, irritated, or sensitive skin.

Virgin coconut oil, cucumber distillate, and helichrysum are just some of of the beneficial ingredients that promise to boost skin’s repairing and renewal capacity, and bring about supple and calm skin once more.

I use Soothing Relief as a nightly moisturiser on my face – it soothes and cools my post-summer skin. It’s become an essential in my postpartum skincare routine to treat the dry irritated contact dermatitis on my hands.

It really is a beautiful balm – so soothing and calming. I’ll definitely be investing in a full sized jar.

ISUN Sapphire Travel Pouch

Buy Now – £70 at ISUN

Final thoughts on ISUN Skincare

I’m so happy with my skin’s health since introducing ISUN products to my routine. I love the focus on wildcrafted ingredients and the skin problem targeted products. What a delightful brand that exceeds all expectations!

Find out more about ISUN at their website, or see their Instagram for inspiration and information.

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