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Welcome back, beauty lover! Today’s post is all about Typology hair care! If you’ve known me for a while, you know about my love for Typology. In September last year they launched new Typology hair oil and scalp serum products.

But wait! Last year, you say? Aren’t bloggers supposed to share the latest products?

Well of course, however I had a baby in October last year, so I wanted to wait a little longer to test these hair care products from Typology thoroughly – since I thought they’d be especially helpful in the postpartum period.

Typology Scalp Serums and Hair Oils

My scalp is also super fussy in winter, so I thought I’d really be able to put these products through their paces in the winter months – which I have!

There are two hair oils – one for fine hair, and one for medium to thick or textured hair. And there are three serums – one to densify hair, one to purify the scalp, and another to soothe the scalp.

I hope you enjoy my reviews of Typology hair care! Shall we take a look at what I tried?

Typology hair care – Typology hair oils

These hair oils are designed to be worn everyday. But which is right for your hair type?

Repairing Hair Oil with Acai + Hibiscus, is perfect for my fine, dry, flyaway hair.

Nourishing Hair Oil Pequi 5% + Argan is better suited to thicker, curly or frizzy hair types. Although my hair doesn’t fit this category, I will explain who should use this and why.

But first, why use a hair oil? Typology explain:

Dry hair is hair lacking in sebum. The role of sebum is to moisturise the scalp and coat the hair fibres to nourish and protect them. When this doesn’t happen, the hair loses its elasticity and becomes dry, breaking and splitting at the ends.

Hair oil essentially steps in where sebum is lacking. Along with improving the hair’s moisture levels, a good hair oil also bolsters hair with antioxidants and protection from heat and styling.

As well as improving the health of your hair, using a hair oil helps to manage frizz and flyaways, and brings manageability to your style. They’re a real staple in my hair care routine!

I love that Typology hair oils offer all the wonderful benefits of their plant based ingredients.

For fine, dry hair ~ Repairing Hair Oil Acai 5% + Hibiscus

First up, let’s look at the Repairing Hair Oil. This is described by Typology as a dry oil with light texture. It promises to strengthen, nourish, and protect hair from heat and styling for a soft, shiny and smooth finish.

Repairing Hair Oil Acai 5% + Hibiscus

Its active ingredients work in synergy to boost hair health and improve its look. They include botanicals and oils of:

  • Acai ~ revive shine and protect from damage.
  • Hibiscus ~ increase hair suppleness.
  • Pracaxi ~ strengthen and help styling.
  • Castor ~ known to stimulate hair growth and nourish the hair.
  • Squalane ~ helps maintain hydration and protects from heat styling.

All the Typology hair oils and serums come in a glass dropper bottle. The hair oils come in clear glass. I love the small bottles that fit nicely on my skincare shelf.

It’s really easy to take a few drops from the dropper into the palm of my hand. At once, I am delighted by the lovely light texture, golden colour, and floral / herbal scent.

I usually apply this to my damp hair right after washing and conditioning. I also use it between washes after styling to tame my ends and add moisture to my hair. Only the smallest amount is needed.

As for the benefits? I’m seeing increased shine and manageability. And I love how my flyaways are tamed beautifully, without a greasy finish.

This is fast becoming one of my favourite hair oils. I love how light and easy to use it is. And I’m so happy with the health benefits it brings to my hair, so it’s a great investment in its long term health.

Typology Repairing Hair Oil Acai 5% + Hibiscus

Buy Now – £17.90 at Typology

For medium to thick, curly or frizzy hair ~ Nourishing Hair Oil Pequi 5% + Argan

Next up, let’s look at the Nourishing Hair Oil. As the name suggests, it promises to nourish and restructure the hair fibres and protects against heat for soft, shiny, and more manageable hair.

Nourishing Hair Oil Pequi 5% + Argan

According to Typology, thick or textured hair can be badly affected by lack of sebum, since the scalp’s natural sebum is harder to distribute across the hair length. Giving the hair lipids in a hair oil helps to prevent breakage and tame frizz.

Active ingredients include:

  • Pequi to redefine curls.
  • Argan to protect the hair.
  • Plus pracaxi, castor, and squalane.

While I can’t tell you how this oil works on its intended hair types, I can tell you how I use it and how it fares. In winter, I use it as a leave in treatment after washing, and I only use the smallest amount. It keeps my hair well moisturised and protected. I also use it as a pre-shampoo treatment when my hair is feeling especially dry, and it works wonders!

I’d really like to pass this on to someone with thick or textured hair, as I think it work work great for them.

Typology Nourishing Hair Oil Pequi 5% + Argan

Buy Now – £17.90 at Typology

Typology hair care – Typology scalp serums

Typology say that “healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp”, and I have to agree. Scalp care is a recent area of interest for me, and I wish I’d done more for my scalp sooner!

Why? Because in winter my scalp is awfully dry and scaly with scalp psoriasis. As a kid I was prescribed all kinds of awful coal tar products that didn’t fix the problem.

So, although reluctant to get too excited for a “cure”, I was super excited to try a scalp serum for the first time. It makes complete sense – we nourish and moisturise every other part of our face and body, after all. And Typology have a scalp serum, or treatment, for all considerations. It’s like skincare for your scalp, isn’t it?

Let’s meet the serums:

  • Densifying Scalp Treatment Peptides 2% + Ginger Extract, perfect for all kinds of hair loss or thinning – and especially postpartum hair loss.
  • Purifying Scalp Treatment Zinc PCA 4% + Nettle Extract, to reduce scalp sebum and greasiness.
  • Calming Scalp Treatment Bisabolol 1% + Cotton Extract, to soothe and bring comfort to stressed out scalps.

But first, the question we’re all asking.

Won’t a scalp serum weigh my hair down?

One of my main worries with a scalp serum is that it will leave my hair lank. I have to say, it’s a fine balance with most serums to apply just the right amount, in just the right place, without applying too much and wasting the product in the hair, or worse – ending up with roots that have taken too much product!

I think Typology have made a good choice with the dropper bottles, and they’re a much greener option than the twisty plastic scalp applicators found on many scalp treatment bottles.

Careful parting of the hair and getting the dropper close to the scalp is key. You can even use finger tips to apply the serums. Taking the time to massage the serum into my scalp is a really nice way to relax and a great postpartum act of self love. By the way, have you got a scalp massager? I use mine after washing my hair and before applying my serum, and often after my serum as well to help massage it in. It’s heaven and works a treat to exfoliate my scalp.

Densifying Scalp Treatment Peptides 2% + Ginger Extract

It’s the Typology Densifying Scalp Serum I was most excited to try! At 42, my hair is thinning a fair bit, so I’m always interested to hear about products that might bring me a better covering of hair.

Typology Densifying Scalp Treatment Peptides 2% + Ginger Extract

In October I had my third baby, and since December my hair has been shedding due to lack of pregnancy hormones. Looking at it practically, I had lovely thick hair in pregnancy because it stopped shedding. After my baby arrived, my hair had a lot of catch up shedding to do! This has happened for all of my pregnancies.

I tested Typology Densifying Treatment all the way to the end of the bottle. It claims to strengthen the roots of the hair, limiting hair loss and stimulating regrowth. It’s actually recommended for all kinds of hair loss for men and women. The light texture helps to bring volume at the root.

But how does it work? There’s actual science to this one, and it’s super interesting. The serum contains peptides that both lengthen the hair’s growth phase (anagen phase), and reduce the hair’s maturity phase (telogen phase, the one before it drops out).

These peptides are associated with plant extracts of ginger and horsetail, which strengthen the scalp and stimulate growth.

Let’s take a look at the other active ingredients:

  • Pea peptides ~ stimulate the dermal papilla, for reactivation of hair growth.
  • Ginger extract ~ limits hair loss and restores vitality as a well known tonic.
  • Horsetail extract ~ strengthens the scalp and activates blood circulation; stimulates hair growth.
  • Atlas cedar ~ promotes hair growth.

I started using the serum in December and as directed, once a day on a dry or damp scalp. I found it easy to apply, non sticky, and with a light woody scent. My hair volume looks instantly boosted thanks to the texture of the serum.

Did it densify my hair?

I believe the treatment truly slows my hair loss down. It made me feel good about my hair and it comforted my scalp through the colder months, which was helpful. Unfortunately, after I stopped using it, my hair came out in huge amounts. I don’t think anything can stop that huge shed of hair. But I am seeing new regrowth now!

I really do believe in pea shoot to help hair growth and have invested in other scalp treatments, serums, and supplements to test – which I’ll share in coming months. I’m definitely considering buying another bottle of this as it shows huge promise. And I really want to see how it fares once the big shed is over.

Typology Densifying Scalp Treatment Peptides 2% + Ginger Extract

Buy Now – £31.90 at Typology

Purifying Scalp Treatment Zinc PCA 4% + Nettle Extract

Typology Purifying Scalp Treatment works to regulate sebum and prevent an overly oily scalp. I think this serum addresses the exact opposite of my needs, so – it’s quite hard for me to review its efficacy. My hair gets greasy simply from all the oils I use on my face, but a greasy scalp is not a problem for me!

Typology Purifying Scalp Treatment Zinc PCA 4% + Nettle Extract

So let me explain who should use this serum. If you have an oily scalp and your hair gets greasy at the roots, and you’d like to extend your wash, this is the serum to try. Also give it a try if you have oily dandruff.

How do the active ingredients work?

  • Zinc PCA (4%) ~ purifies and regulates sebum; antibacterial.
  • Nettle extract ~ purifies and enriches the hair with trace elements.
  • Peppermint and eucalyptus globulus ~ antibacterial, cleansing, and refreshing.

Used as directed, this serum goes onto a dry or damp scalp once per day. What I love about this serum is that even when applied dry, it doesn’t leave a trace in my hair and actually gives me some root lift, especially when used with a massager! And I love how refreshing and comforting it feels, with its minty fragrance.

Definitely give this a try if you have an oily scalp. I’m sure it will help to control the sebum production of your scalp and lead to better hair days!

Typology Purifying Scalp Treatment Zinc PCA 4% + Nettle Extract

Buy Now – £26.90 at Typology

Calming Scalp Treatment Bisabolol 1% + Cotton Extract

Finally, let’s look at the Typology Calming Scalp Treatment. This serum promises to hydrate and soothe the scalp to reduce dryness and itching.

Typology Calming Scalp Treatment Bisabolol 1% + Cotton Extract

Since my scalp is always dry, flaky, itchy, and sore in winter, I’m the perfect candidate to test the serum.

But why does the scalp become dry and irritated? As well as conditions like psoriasis, the scalp can underproduce sebum, leading to dry dandruff and sensitivity. Scratching only makes the problem worse. Luckily, Typology Calming Scalp Treatment can help manage and treat these symptoms.

Rich in moisturising and soothing active ingredients, this treatment acts at the source of inflammation to relieve skin, while restoring the scalp’s protective hydrolipidic film.

The active ingredients are inspired:

  • Bisabolol ~ relieves irritation to bring comfort.
  • Cotton extract ~ soothes, softens, and repairs.
  • Sweet almond oil ~ contains “anti-inflammatory phytosterols and essential fatty acids to rebalance the scalp’s hydrolipidic film.”
  • Vegetal glycerine ~ prevents dehydration and helps soften.

First, let me tell you the only downside to this serum. It’s so hard to pick it up with the dropper! I’ve found that keeping pressure on the rubber bulb improves the pick up.

Once out of the dropper, the fragrance free serum is silky and comforting.

I find the serum soothing and hydrating on my dry scalp patches. It’s a really nice daily hydrator for the scalp. 

And while I know this isn’t going to cure my scalp psoriasis, it certainly makes my scalp more comfortable and less itchy.

It does a great job of comforting my itchy stressed out scalp and comes highly recommended to soothe and comfort dry scalp conditions.

Typology Calming Scalp Treatment Bisabolol 1% + Cotton Extract

Buy Now – £21.80 at Typology

Final thoughts on Typology hair care

Typology made a great move formulating these science backed hair and scalp care products. I’m really seeing the benefits of hair oils and scalp treatments and I am sure you will too!

Learn more at or be inspired and join the conversation @typology.

Will you try Typology hair care products? Let me know in the comments.

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