My dear Cara,

It’s your birthday, you are 5, Cara – that’s half a decade! You are no longer the tiny baby that came in a hurry at home. Now, you’re a big brave girl venturing out into the world without me. It is both exhilarating and heartbreaking!

And what a year you’ve had! Since you stepped out in to the world, we’ve learned so much about you. I feel like our bond has strengthened so much over the last 12 months. We both healed from the weaning process and you’ve become my little bestie again.

How to describe you? Capable. Tactile. Fun. Loving. You’re a girly girl who loves dresses, fun hairstyles, dolls etc, but you’re not flouncy. You love rough and tumble, Alexa farts, stories, slime, and things falling off cliffs. You get super enthusiastic about the things you love. It’s very infectious!

You’ve been so helpful since Eleanor arrived. You bring supplies and help unpack shopping. You’re a real “doing” person who loves to keep busy and active. Cara, you really are very capable but you get really mad when you can’t do things!

You’re always the child I take shopping with me as you’re so much fun! You try to spend all my money, but you take “no” very amicably.

Let’s look at some of the highlights of your year.

Started reception

In September you started in reception class. You absolutely took it in your stride and had no problems settling in. You’ve been finding phonics a challenge but we’re having so much fun spotting letters and numbers in everyday life! You’re a smart girl so with more practise you’ll be flying.

Cara holding a snake

You love school dinners and playing outside on the equipment. You even held a snake at school, which is amazing given your fear of dogs! My brave girl.

Love of drawing

You love grabbing a huge pad and a box of pencils and drawing everything in your world. I love to see your drawings of family, friends, events, and all the things you love.

A year of firsts

In 2023 you had your first holiday abroad. We went to Bulgaria and you were absolutely in your element. You had so much energy! Water slides, swimming, lounging in hammocks, and scampering inside a giant ball on a pool – you did it all! It was so good for us to finally have a family holiday and I’m so grateful to my mum for making it happen!

Cara's boat ride on holiday

We had a few firsts this year and you also really enjoyed the cinema and bowling for the first time.

Friendships developed

One of the loveliest aspects of your year has been seeing your friendships develop. You have some lovely little friends at school, and this year was the first we invited friends to your party. You all had a whale of a time! Seeing you surrounded by love and fun is all I ever want for you.

Sisterly love

You love helping your little sister Lydia to play and dress. She really misses you now you’re at school in the day. You’re best buddies with your big brother Jonah.

Cara and Eleanor

You often sleep curled up together, and when you’re not sleeping you can be found tearing around the house or garden together using up your excess energy.

Swimming and dancing

This year we tried both dancing and swimming classes. It was nice to try them and you had a lot of fun. We’re going to pick them up again after winter when things aren’t so chaotic with a new baby!

You are 5, Cara! Happy birthday! I’m so proud to be your mummy, and I’m so looking forward to our next year together.

All my love,

Mummy xx

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