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Welcome back, my dear! Today’s review features the superb Dr Barbara Sturm Anti-Hair Fall Scalp Serum!

This lightweight hair serum is a real workhorse. It aims to reduce hair loss, thicken weak hair, and soothe a sensitive scalp.

As a beauty blogger, sometimes an offer comes along that I simply cannot refuse.

So it was when I heard from online store Skinstation, who asked if I’d like to try a beauty product from their range of results-driven skin- and hair-care.

Naturally, I jumped at the chance.

Who is Skinstation?

Skinstation is a specialist online luxury skincare boutique. The store specialises in results-driven skincare, and only carries products subject to rigorous research and development.

The store features products from superheroes such as Obagi, Skinceuticals, Dr Levy Switzerland, and of course, Dr Barbara Sturm.

This isn’t my first time using German aesthetics skin doctor Dr Barbara Sturm. I also like her Enzyme Cleanser. The products are science-backed, super minimal, and avoid controversial ingredients.

My hair right now

My hair fell out by the bucket-load after having our third baby. This loss has slowed down in recent months, but I’m still not happy with the rate I shed hairs. I also have a dry, itchy scalp, and lots of short frizzy hairs that are growing back in. My hair breaks easily, and I find a lot of hair in my brush and in the shower.

Given the situation, I was super curious to try Dr Barbara Sturm Anti-Hair Fall Scalp Serum. I hope that it helps reduce my hair fall, while improving the health of my hair, and improves how it looks day to day while protecting it from damage. So yes, high hopes!

And at £80, I would consider this a luxury treat and I expect to see some impressive results.

So shall we dive in and learn more about this hair serum? Let’s do it!

Dr Barbara Sturm Anti-Hair Fall Scalp Serum

Anti-Hair Fall Scalp Serum is described as a “gentle, leave-in treatment that promotes the growth of strong, healthy-looking hair whilst reducing hair fall”.

Dr Barbara Sturm Anti-Hair Fall Scalp Serum

The vegan hair serum contains extracts of camellia, to deeply nourish the scalp and hair follicles and larch, to reduce hair fall by stimulating hair’s growth phase. Provitamin B5 has an anti-splitting effect. Cationic hyaluronic acid adheres to the scalp and hair fibres to continuously moisturise the hair.

I love that the serum is recommended to protect hair against heat, pollution, and UV stress – perfect for this time of year. Its hydrating ingredients means it boosts hydration levels in the hair.

The serum is part of Dr Barbara Sturm Anti-Hair Fall collection, which includes a shampoo, conditioner, mask, and scalp serums. I wish I could afford the entire range!

Let’s talk about the packaging – it’s absolutely beautiful. The ombre glass dropper bottle is made from sturdy glass and looks so elegant on the vanity or bathroom shelf. Not just a pretty bottle, it’s recyclable too.

My experience using the serum

I wash my hair every other day, so on my wash days I apply the serum to my wet scalp and to the ends, then comb it all through. I use it sparingly on my scalp and ends between washes, too. After applying, I massage the serum in with my fingertips.

The serum is clear, scent-free and doesn’t leave my hands or hair sticky after application. It sometimes dries a little crispy in my hair if I apply too much, but it simply brushes through.

Dropper shot of the serum

Right now, I’ve been using the serum for about a month. So let’s talk about the benefits I’ve had.

I’ve seen a definite improvement in the elasticity of my hair. It feels stronger and more resilient. My hair feels less dry and the ends are better hydrated, especially between washes.

It’s safe to say that the serum has improved my hair fall. I’m seeing fewer hairs in the shower, and I’m saving hairs because fewer break as I’m brushing – which I’m really happy about! My scalp is less fussy, and some patches of psoriasis have reduced.

I feel like the serum protects my hair from heat and sunlight without leaving a trace in my hair, and I can’t wait to see how it fares over the summer holidays as we have more beach days and days out with my kids.

In short – my hair feels thicker, bouncier, shinier, and better cared for – there’s so much to love!

If you fancy trying this decadent serum for yourself, it comes with free UK shipping at Skinstation. I think it’s worth the money. It meets its lofty claims while feeling so luxurious. Definitely one to treat yourself with!

Dr Barbara Sturm Anti-Hair Fall Scalp Serum

Buy Now – £80 at Skinstation

Final thoughts on Dr Barbara Sturm Anti-Hair Fall Scalp Serum

I’m so happy with this hair serum and I’m intrigued by the Dr Barbara Sturm brand. I can’t wait to visit Skinstation again to find luxury and results-driven skin- and hair-care products.

View all the beauty products at or check out their Instagram @skinstation_uk.

Have you tried Dr Barbara Sturm products? Will you try Skinstation? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I love that this is scent-free. I hate combining a bunch of fragrances on my hair when I shower. Thanks for sharing the review!

  2. I’m currently using her Enzyme cleanser and its so good! I definitely ned to try this

  3. karianncarter Reply

    I had no idea that they made a serum like this! I wish I knew about it 2 years ago!

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