Welcome back, my dear! In today’s post, I’d like to share some of the best baby skincare products for 2023.

We all want only the best for our baby’s skin – but with so much choice and conflicting advice about what to use, how do we pick only the best baby skincare products? And more, how can we choose brands we can rely on because they’re so well loved by parents?

In this post, I’ll reveal all. But first, do babies even need a skin care routine?

Why your baby needs a skin care routine

Your baby absolutely needs a skin care routine. `Even if the routine is as simple as bathing and protecting their skin with a simple emollient, if they need one.

And if you’re outside in the cold and windy weather, and especially in winter, your baby will definitely need a little more care.

Why? Baby skin is more permeable and more prone to dryness than adult skin. Potentially, it needs more protection. And crucially, anything we put on it to protect it must be as clean as it can be – there’s no such thing as too safe or delicate in my opinion.

How does baby skin differ from adult skin?

Did you know that baby skin is structurally different to adult skin? It’s true! The skin cells are smaller and the collagen fibres are thinner.

According to clinical findings, the outermost layers of a baby’s skin is up to 30% thinner than in adults.

But how does this translate to problems you might encounter with your baby’s skin?

  • It’s prone to dryness
  • It loses water more quickly
  • It is more susceptible to damage from the environment
  • A breakdown of the stratum corneum (outermost layer of the skin) can cause atopic dermatitis, leading to other allergies

How to protect your baby’s skin

But let me say, not all babies need a moisturiser! My first two children had perfect skin after the first few weeks of peeling. However, my third baby, Lydia, really needs her moisturiser. She suffers with facial eczema that’s often triggered by cold weather. Several school runs per day and generally crankier skin means she needs daily protection.

Little Lydia Evelyn

To protect my baby’s skin, I use clothing and a hat to shield her from the effects of temperature, sunlight, and wind.

If your baby has dry skin that’s not clearing up on its own, try following my tips on winter skincare for babies. There’s lots you can do to protect your little one from the environment, and I always recommend using a moisturiser daily if there’s any sign of inflamed, dry, or troubled skin.

How to pick the best baby skin care products

Here are my surefire ways to choose only the the best baby skincare products out there.

  • Look for recommendations – use websites and blogs to check reviews, a quick Google will tell you lots about a baby skin care product.
  • Use an app – use an app like Think Dirty to verify the ingredients of a product.
  • Look for certification – you can be sure the product has undergone a strict examination process. Look for Soil Association, COSMOS, EcoCert, and NaTrue.
  • Use trusted brands – my favourites are Weleda, Evereden, Neal’s Yard, Little Aurelia, and Green People.

So first, let’s look at some of the best baby moisturisers you can buy.

Best baby moisturisers

The best baby moisturisers are specifically made for babies, and take into account the delicate skin of babies. They contain a humectant (like glycerin), one or more emollient ingredients (like oils and fatty alcohols), and an occlusive ingredient, to lock it all in (something like shea butter, beeswax, or cocoa butter). Check the label of your favourite baby moisturiser, and see!

Three of the best baby moisturisers you can buy today

A cream that protects the skin without causing irritation and is fragrance free is a sure bet. I love Evereden Nourishing Baby Face Cream (£28, Cult Beauty). Perfect for family members with with eczema.

Balancing ingredients like probiotics to balance skin’s microbiome are worth to try too – Little Aurelia Comfort & Calm Rescue Cream (£26, Aurelia Skincare) – perfect for the skincare woes of little children before bedtime.

When it comes to soothing your baby’s skin, oats are your friend. Try this water free whipped balm that’s packed with magical ingredients – Zoe Bee Charcoal & Oat Cream (£25, Zoe Bee Beauty).

Weleda baby skin care products stand the test of time for good reason, and we particularly like the Weleda White Mallow Face Cream (£8.62, Amazon).

Next up, let’s look at some of my favourite baby oils.

Best baby oils

The best baby oils should contain only the finest quality plant based oils. Mineral oils are safe, but vegetable oils are packed with nourishing and protective ingredients and make a better choice for baby skin care.

Gorgeous baby oils for your little one

Evereden Soothing Baby Massage Oil (£21, Cult Beauty) is my best baby oil choice for young babies. Why? Because it’s fragrance free and doesn’t contain any high oleic acids like olive oil. Read why olive oil isn’t the best choice for newborns.

NomNom Baby Organic Baby Oil (£18, NomNom Skincare) is a beautiful baby massage and care oil that can also be used for cradle cap. It contains starflower oil, too.

Nala’s Baby Nighttime Oil (£5.55, Boots) is an inexpensive choice with coconut oil, apricot and lavender and works well with older babies to establish a bedtime routine. It smells heavenly and you should read the backstory of this woman-owned skincare brand.

Best baby bathing products

The best baby bathing products make bathtime a wonderful sensory experience for your little one – think bubbles, gentle fragrances, and fun and colourful bath water!

Lovely baby bathing products, some of the best there are!

When it comes to cleansing washes, you can’t beat an all-in-one product, and Childs Farm are amongst my favourites. We love their Hair & Body Wash in Blackberry & Apple (£3.50, Boots). It smells so fruity and my kids love the bottle design and will happily lather up with this fun and gentle wash. They have more scents and a fragrance free version, too.

If you’re splurging, or looking for something to soothe your baby before bed, try Neal’s Yard Remedies Baby Bath & Shampoo (£9, Naturisimo). Its lavender and chamomile extracts are incredibly soothing.

If your baby has any kind of dry skin condition, skip the bubble bath and choose a rich bath oil to cling to the skin and moisturise it, instead. InLight Beauty Baby Bath Oil (£29, InLight Beauty) is a real gem – we reach for this gorgeous baby bath oil again and again.

Nobody can resist a really bubbly bath, and HiPP Kids Clean & Green Bubbly Bath (£3.75, HiPP) is arguably the most fun! Not only does it produce masses of great smelling bubbles, while still being gentle on the skin, it turns the bath water green! The packaging totally wins on the cuteness front, too!

Best nappy changing products

Three children later and I’m always on the lookout for the best baby nappy changing products! Some come better than others. The best are thick, unctuous creams that come loaded with zinc oxide to fend off moisture.

The best nappy changing products - my choices

Weleda make the best nappy change creams – and Weleda Calendula Nappy Cream (£5.17, Boots) and Weleda White Mallow Nappy Cream (£6.33, Boots) are my favourites. The texture and amount of zinc oxide is just right to stop baby wee burning the nappy area, but without drying the skin. The gorgeous botanicals speed up healing, too.

Evereden Soothing Diaper Rash Cream (£18, Cult Beauty) comes a close second. This nappy cream seems to contain even more zinc oxide, but no botanical ingredients. The perfect nappy cream to keep things simple!

Green People Calming Nappy Cream (£12.50, Green People) is my third choice for best nappy cream. It’s more moisturising than the others, but still protects against damp. It’s vegan, too, containing no beeswax or lanolin.

Best coconut oil baby products

Naturally anti-bacterial coconut oil is good for everything – as a moisturiser, to treat cradle cap, or melted into your baby’s bath.

Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil

I was lucky to be gifted some Kokoso Baby products a few years back, and I’ve repurchased them again and again!

Why is Kokoso different? The Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil (£7.99, Boots) is manufactured using a unique and gentle process, creating a lighter weight coconut oil that’s more readily absorbed into your baby’s skin. All of the products are so clean and lovely. We particularly love the Kokoso Gentle Hair & Body Wash (£8.99, Kokoso) and Kokoso Happy Scalp Cream (£8.99, Kokoso).

Best sensitive baby ranges

When it comes to choosing the best sensitive baby ranges, go for baby products that are formulated without any fragrance.

Best sensitive baby ranges

Soothing Weleda White Mallow is a great choice for sensitive skinned babies. Green People carry several baby products that are delightfully fragrance free and sensitive.

Child’s Farm Fragrance-Free Baby Wash, and Good Bubble Little Softy Baby Moisturiser make good sensitive baby choices, too.

The best baby sunscreens

Sunscreen is a must to protect your little one’s skin once they’re over 6 months. Until then, keep them covered and out of the sun.

The best baby sunscreens - chemical, mineral, and hybrid.

Mineral sunscreens may be better for the environment and perhaps offer a safer choice. Many work immediately, but make sure to check the directions. My favourite is Suntribe Kids Mineral Sunscreen SPF30 (£19.99, Suntribe).

Chemical sunscreens are often less detectable but you need to wait for them to work before exposure. Childs Farm SPF50+ Sun Cream (£11.99, Boots) is my choice for older babies and kids.

A hybrid mineral and chemical sunscreen is Green People Organic Children Scent-Free Sun Cream SPF30 (£25, Green People), which offers the best of both worlds. We buy this again and again!

Read about the differences between mineral and chemical sunscreens.

Final thoughts on best baby skincare products 2023

There we have it! My best baby skincare products for the coming year. I hope you enjoyed learning about them, and I hope you and your baby love using them as much as we do!

And remember to drop your best baby products in the comments box below – I’d love to hear about them!

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Until next time!


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  1. As a parent, staying updated on the best baby skincare products is a must. In 2023, it’s all about safe, natural, and effective choices. From gentle cleansers to nourishing lotions, these top picks prioritize your baby’s delicate skin. Remember, what you apply matters, and these products make every touch a loving one. Here’s to a year of happy, healthy baby skin!

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