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Welcome back, beauty lover! And Mother, if you’re reading this please stop reading now! I’m sharing gifts for you in my Mother’s Day gifting under £50!

Mother’s Day is almost here, and it’s time to honour the beautiful human that brought me into this world.

My poor mum has had a terrible few months. Not only is she stuck in this miserable lockdown with the rest of us, but since November she’s been in serious chronic pain, resulting in a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis.

This Mother’s Day, I really want to cheer her up and encourage her to put her feet up and relax with some beautiful goodies.

I love a mix of high end and good value natural beauty treats. I picked up a luxury body care gift set, lipstick, sheet mask, toner, and a pretty-in-pink multitasking balm bar – all for under £50!

Let’s take a look what I chose.

Mother’s Day gifting under £50

Apple & Bears Luxury Body Care Gift Set – Bergamot & Green Tea

My mum has a deep love for green tea fragrance. It reminds her of my step dad’s 60th birthday, when they visited Paris to celebrate. He bought her a beautiful green tea fragrance, and with every whiff she is transported back to this time.

Apple & Bears Luxury Body Care Gift Set - Bergamot & Green Tea

My step dad sadly passed away from cancer in 2017, so the fragrance is really poignant for her. In fact, he passed away on my first mother’s day, so this time is always a bit emotional for me and my mum.

In the box - Apple & Bears Luxury Body Care Gift Set - Bergamot & Green Tea

This gift set contains a full size green tea and bergamot fragranced luxury body wash for shower time indulgence, and a full size body lotion in the same fragrance to rejuvenate and protect your skin.

Stimulate and rejuvenate your body and mind with powerful antioxidant bergamot and green tea renowned for their anti-ageing properties. Moisturise and rehydrate your skin with this boosting body wash and citrus aroma for an energising bath and shower experience.

While I can’t comment on the experience of using these two since I’m passing them on to my mum, they smell wonderful and certainly make a beautiful gift for green tea lovers. Please do let me know if you’d like an update after mother’s day once my mum has opened her gifts. Other than that, I’ll share these in my empties once they’re all used up.

I really hope my mum enjoys the green tea fragrance of this duo and it helps her to remember good times with my step dad.

Apple & Bears Luxury Body Care Gift Set – Bergamot & Green Tea

Buy Now – £22 at Apple & Bears

Benecos Lipstick – Marry Me

Benecos is a really great value for money brand who offer both natural skincare and makeup at affordable prices. This lipstick, in Marry Me, promises to provide nourishing lip care that moisturises lips while providing intense colour.

Benecos Lipstick - Marry Me

I’ve tried Benecos lip colours before and I’ve experienced good application and wear. The colour of Marry Me is pretty much true to how it appears on the LoveLula website – a rich blueish red.

I hope this splash of colour will add some pep to mum’s step when she wears it, even if only around the house. She’s always suited a red lip and I’d love to see her wear more colour on her lips again!

Benecos Lipstick – Marry Me

Buy Now – £6.25 at BigGreenSmile

Sukin Purely Ageless Intensive Firming Biodegradable Sheet Mask

A sheet mask is such a luxurious occasional treat, and I’m pretty sure my mum hasn’t tried one before. She really loves Sukin skincare, especially the night cream from the same range. She’s not really into wearing masks every week but I think this one shot would suit her perfectly!

Sukin Purely Ageless Intensive Firming Biodegradable Sheet Mask

The mask contains pure ribose, which according to Sukin is clinically proven to improve the appearance of wrinkles. It also contains acacia gum, known for its instant tightening effects, so mum is sure to feel fresh faced and fabulous! It’s better for the environment too, since it’s made with biodegradable fibres that decompose after 6 months.

Can’t wait to hear if mum enjoys this Sukin sheet mask!

Sukin Purely Ageless Intensive Firming Biodegradable Sheet Mask

Buy Now – £4.95 at Naturisimo

Sukin Green Tea Hydrating Mist Toner

More Sukin, and more green tea! This is a double hit that my mum is sure to love. It’s a refreshing alcohol free mist toner that’s suitable for all skin types.

Sukin Green Tea Hydrating Mist Toner

Sukin Green Tea Toner contains aloe, cucumber, and green tea, and has a lovely green tea and cucumber fragrance. It looks really refreshing, and I think she’ll really appreciate it when the weather warms up.

It really does have that classic green tea fragrance so I think mum will like it!

Sukin Green Tea Hydrating Mist Toner

Buy Now – £7.95 at Only Naturals

Lamazuna Solid Pink Cocoa Butter Iris & Tonka Bean

This stunning solid cocoa butter bar caught my eye right away. It smells and looks amazing, and I’m feeling a bit tearful about giving it away. But not to worry, because I’m sure my mum will let me use it after lockdown!

Lamazuna Solid Pink Cocoa Butter Iris & Tonka Bean

Lamazuna Solid Pink Cocoa Butter is so fragrant and looks like it will melt easily on contact with the skin. I really love the nourishing effects of cocoa butter on my skin.

Deeply nourishing, Lamazuna’s pink cocoa butter is handmade in France, with nothing but 100% naturally derived and organically certified ingredients, and with an exquisite iris and tonka bean scent.

It’s also a great way to reduce packaging waste as it’s completely plastic free!

Texture of Lamazuna Solid Pink Cocoa Butter Iris & Tonka Bean

I really hope mum enjoys it. And if she doesn’t, I will gladly welcome it into my stash!

Lamazuna Solid Pink Cocoa Butter Iris & Tonka Bean

Buy Now – £7.61 at Babipur

Final thoughts on Mother’s Day gifting under £50

I love gifting lovers of natural beauty – on a budget or not – and I’m so excited to pass these gifts onto mum on Mother’s Day (socially distanced, of course).

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Happy gifting!



  1. Amber Myers Reply

    You have a great list here. I might have to pick some of these up for my mom!

  2. I can’t believe Mothers day is right around the corner! Some great gift ideas here.

  3. I’m using Benecos lip stains at the moment and I have to say they’re amazing. Would love to try the body care gift set as it looks like a great one. Great products as usual x

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