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Welcome back, dear friend! Today I’m sharing my thoughts on Earths Secret Thrive supplement. This super charged turmeric supplement aims to increase energy levels, support the immune system, reduce inflammation, improve digestion and provide a source of potent antioxidants.

And let me tell you, I need all the help I can get!

Life as a mum is so rewarding, but often times utterly exhausting! With one child at school, one in school nursery for 2 hours a day, and a teething 9 month old baby – I need all the energy I can muster.

Personally, the last few months have been a huge challenge. Not only am I managing three kids, we moved house too.

Thrive supplement from Earth's Secret

So you can imagine my curiosity when Earths Secret approached me to try their range of supplements aimed at improving our wellbeing and enhancing our everyday lives.

Who are Earths Secret?

Science-based supplements that work for you. We combine Ayurvedic herbs with the latest in medical science to create herbal supplements that are safe and effective.

These supplements contain peer-reviewed ingredients in potent levels that make a real difference.

There are three supplements to choose from – I chose Thrive, which aims to increase energy. I had a hard time choosing which supplement to try, because I also need Calm, but probably not Sleep – I have absolutely no problem falling and staying asleep, but tell that to my baby!

I love the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction – if you don’t feel a difference in your wellbeing after 30 days using the supplement, they’ll provide a full refund.

Earths Secret Thrive Supplement

This supplement helps busy mums, dads, or any adult to boost their energy levels. It boasts so many great advantages whilst being vegan, natural, non-GMO and free from any fillers.

The unboxing

Thrive contains just 5 ingredients – Hydrocurc® turmeric, organic spirulina, organic reishi mushroom, black elderberry, and organic ginger root.

Unboxing the package, I was so delighted. It’s beautifully wrapped and contains a few little treats to brighten my day.

Inside, I found a gorgeous green agate tumble stone, and a little packet of Love Hearts. How sweet! It really made my day.

According to, green agate is associated with health and the correct functioning of the mind and body. It brings balance and harmony, especially to the digestive system. What a perfect crystal to include.

Hydrocurc® is Thrive’s “pillar” ingredient. This award winning ingredient, created using turmeric, is clinically shown to have the highest levels of bioavailability of any turmeric you can buy.

The idea is that this special type of turmeric is more readily available for absorption by the body and goes beyond a regular turmeric supplement. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

You can read more about Hydrocurc® over on the Earths Secret website.

My experience using Thrive

I started taking Thrive before we moved house in the hopes that my energy levels would stay high for the move and beyond. I was so excited on the run up to the house move and I was already bursting with energy. But I realised that once the high had worn off, there might be a crash to follow.

There are 60 capsules in the glass jar. The capsules are really huge, and sometimes it feels like it’s sticking on the way down. The best way to take the capsule is with a glass of slightly tepid water. I take one capsule a day, however you can take two a day should you wish.

I’m happy to report that I feel real gains from Thrive. Not only did we breeze through our house move without being exhausted, some inflammation on my knee also got better while taking the supplement. It’s now completely better.

Thankfully, my energy levels didn’t come crashing down after the move. What I’m also happy about is that I’m suffering fewer mid afternoon energy slumps – my energy levels seems much more stable. Perfect for my busy life with my kids.

I’m so happy with the results from this supplement – I’d definitely consider stocking up. As a full time mum, it’s so important to take care of my energy levels, and Thrive helps me do just that. Not just for big life events, but every day.

Earths Secret Thrive Supplement

Buy Now – £35 at Earths Secret

Final thoughts on Earths Secret Thrive Supplement

Earths Secret have amazed me with their unique supplements. Having steady energy levels is a real game changer, and I like the idea that the supplement is securing my long term health too. I’d love to try more from the range, especially the Calm blend.

Find out more and purchase at and on Instagram @earths.secret.

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  1. karianncarter Reply

    I didn’t know there were supplements for energy. I’ve always had natural energy so I haven’t looked into it. This is cool though!

  2. I could definitely use some more energy! Thank you for sharing this recommendation!

  3. Amber Myers Reply

    You had me at boosting energy. I always need more energy so I will be trying these!

  4. I think I need an energy supplement now that I know there is! I always need that extra boost of energy to carry on with all my daily activities plus all the work!

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