Welcome back, beauty lovers! Today I’d like to introduce a very lovely sun protection brand and their gorgeous kids sunscreen. Hello, Suntribe Kids Mineral Sunscreen!

This post is a paid partnership with Suntribe. My views are honest and my own.

I can’t believe this clean sunscreen brand flew under my radar for so long before I met one of their lovely co-founders, Julia.

Suntribe is all about sun care with no worries, which feels especially important when you have little ones. I spend way too much time worrying about my kids’ sunscreen, whether or not I’ve applied enough, in the right places, and whether or not I need to reapply it! Mums and dads, are you with me?

So I really don’t want the additional worry of our sunscreen containing controversial ingredients or polluting the environment.

Born from the love of nature, Suntribe was founded in Sweden by outdoor lovers, Julia, Karl, and Hampus.

We are upset with how the sunscreen industry works today. As it is now, you can use ingredients that are proven dangerous for nature and humans and it’s all perfectly legal. Crazy, right? That’s why we make worry-free natural sunscreens. Just like it should be.


I couldn’t agree more, and I love that you won’t find any worrying ingredients for health or planet inside Suntribe sunscreens.

What’s the problem with mainstream sunscreens?

Nobody wants to put their child’s skin at risk in the sun. And everybody wants an easy-to-use sunscreen for their kids that will sink in immediately and leave no white cast. But the ingredients in mainstream sunscreens are questionable. At what cost our convenience?

Sunscreen are harming sea life

According to Suntribe, 63% of ingredients found in conventional sunscreens are harmful for humans or the environment.

Many contain worrying nano particles along with ingredients that hinder skin health, like drying alcohol.

Look at the back of the bottle and you will see the active ingredients (chemical sunscreens) oxybenzone, octinoxate, and octocrylene. These sunscreen ingredients are having a devastating effect on our marine life.

Yearly, thousands of tons of sunscreen slough off swimmers to wind up in the sea. There, it leads to the destruction of marine life. It’s saddening to learn that 10% of the world’s coral reefs are threatened by bleaching caused by the most commonly used chemical UV-filter, oxybenzone.

Look out for the 3 O’s in sunscreen to know what to avoid. Or better, buy your sunscreen from a company you can trust with your children’s health and the health of the planet.

The Suntribe Solution

I really love Suntribe’s manifesto for a healthy and clean sunscreen:

  • 100% free from synthetic chemicals, preservatives, and perfumes
  • Mineral UV-filter (non-nano zinc oxide)
  • Certified SPF & UVA/UVB protection
  • Pure and rich with no water
  • Cruelty free
  • Reef safe

And Suntribe really cares about packaging. Many products are packaged sustainably with glass or metal.

Being a member of the tribe is a statement that you are conscious of protecting both the environment and yourself.


Now we know more about this sun protection brand, let’s find out more about the kids sunscreen!

Suntribe Kids Mineral Sunscreen SPF30

Suntribe describe this sunscreen as a 100% natural kids sunscreen that’s gentle on kids skin (from 6 months), and safe for the environment. It’s SPF30, so it blocks 97% of UVB rays.

Suntribe Kids Mineral Sunscreen

This is a non-nano zinc oxide sunscreen. Research shows that zinc oxide is the safest ingredient for sun protection (source). There’s also nourishing coconut oil, moisturising cacao, and shea butter.

It’s water resistant – meaning you and your little one can enjoy swimming or water play for up to 40 minutes.

The kids sunscreen comes in sugar cane packaging. It’s still plastic, but it’s produced using sugar cane and not petroleum, which reduces its environmental footprint. Simply recycle it with your usual plastic recycling.

Using Suntribe Kids Mineral Sunscreen

The yummy natural vanilla scent of Suntribe Kids Mineral Sunscreen makes it even more delightful to use. Let’s be honest parents – it’s not much fun applying sunscreen to a wriggling child is it?

Squeezing Suntribe Kids Mineral Sunscreen SPF30

The first time we used the sunscreen, my overjoyed son shouted “it smells like chocolate”. It definitely makes a difference in persuading my children to have their sunscreen on! We pretend “let’s cover you in white chocolate!”

I use this sun cream myself, and I can say that it’s a really lovely formulation. Straight after application, my skin isn’t greasy, but I can tell there’s some oil there. My skin feels really comfortable.

This sunscreen does leave a subtle white cast, like many natural sunscreens do. I like this in some ways, as it makes it easy to see the skin you’ve covered, and takes just a few minutes to become less noticeable.

Here’s my eldest, Jonah, wearing Suntribe Kids Mineral Sunscreen – I literally just applied it. Can you see how his skin is not greasy, nor is there a hugely noticeable white cast on his skin?

This is why I love Suntribe! It makes my life so much easier and it’s more comfortable for Jonah.

It hasn’t made our eyes sting or blur – it’s a very comfortable-to-wear sunscreen. And as you would hope, our skin hasn’t burned after sun exposure. All in all, I do feel that my kids’ skin is well protected by Suntribe Kids Sunscreen.

I’m so happy that our family sunscreen is kind to our health and the environment. It really does help to ease my worries and feel confident in our sunscreen choice.

I do recommend Suntribe sunscreens to other parents who need a worry free sunscreen.

Suntribe Kids Mineral Sunscreen SPF30

Buy Now – £22.99 at Suntribe

Final thoughts on Suntribe Kids Mineral Sunscreen

This is such a lovely natural sun care product that is everything I want from a healthy sunscreen. Mineral UV-filter, kind ingredients, fun natural fragrance, and eco-friendly packaging.

I can’t wait to explore more from the Suntribe range. I already have my eye on a gorgeous SPF20 moisturiser for myself! And I recently reviewed Suntribe Night Cream.

Learn more about Suntribe at their website or Instagram. They deliver internationally!

Will you try Suntribe Kids Mineral Sunscreen? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time!



  1. We have slowly been making the switch to more natural products and have been on the lookout for great, reef-safe, mineral sunscreens. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I didn’t know regular sunscreen was so dangerous for the environment! I’ll make sure to pick this up

  3. We go through lots of sunscreen since we’re in Texas. I will have to try this out for my kids. It sounds wonderful!

  4. mriveraediblesense Reply

    I’m always looking for a safe sunscreen for my daughter who has very sensitive skin. I’ll be sure to try this out.

  5. Kimberly K Croisant Reply

    Sunscreen is so important. I still put it on my 11 year old like he was a baby!!

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