Andalou Naturals


Hello again, beauty lover! And welcome to my June 2021 natural beauty empties. It’s where I post about all my used up products for the month. And this month I have a huge collection for you! In June I used up a gorgeous vibrant exfoliant gel to milk mask, effective solid conditioner bar, beauty sleep facial oil, and more! My children used up a soothing calendula oil and a lovely SOS face cream. Shall we dive in? Let’s go! June 2021 natural beauty empties Native Essentials SOLE Gel to Milk Mask Native Essentials brightly coloured and interestingly textured exfoliant and mask is easily one of my favourites this month. The citrus vanilla fragrance and bright yellow colour flecked with charcoal beads is so much fun to use. What I love most about it is that it takes just 5 minutes to get smooth and perfectly glowing skin. Learn more about…