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I’m really excited to share our experience starting baby led weaning. I thought it might be helpful to share Cara’s first foods, how I’m preparing her meals, and our set up. I hope it’ll help you get started, as I know how daunting it can be at the beginning! We began weaning Cara the day she turned 6 months old. I have to say, we’re finding it so much easier the second time around. You see, we introduced my son Jonah to solids with baby led weaning too. He’s almost 3 now, and a voracious (yet very messy!) eater. So, we know the differences between gagging and choking, we’re more prepared to deal with the mess, and importantly we’ve seen first-hand the benefits of baby led weaning. If you’re unsure if baby led weaning is right for your family, it’s definitely worth reading up on the benefits, or buy the…