Beauty Made Easy


It’s time for my July 2019 natural beauty empties! I do love sharing my empties. There’s something so satisfying about finishing a natural beauty product to the last drop. I love recapping it all, and I hope you might find something you like amongst the treasure trove of items. I’ve used up quite a few products this month. I had a huge sort out of my stash which was very rewarding. We also bought new bathroom storage, which prompted a resurfacing of some close-to-empty products to finish up. My favourite product this month is a special skin treatment called bakuchiol. It’s an amazing replacement for retinol that’s safer for mamas who are pregnant or breastfeeding. There’s also a luscious balm, rose water, adult and kids toothpaste, epsom salts, face mask powder, body lotion, and face cream and mineral powder samples. I hope you enjoy my empties, and if you have…