Dr. Lipp


Hello, dear beauty lover! It’s great to see you here! The waiting is finally over! I’m so delighted to announce the finalists in the CertClean Clean Beauty Awards 2020! Back in October, I posted about my excitement after I was selected to judge in the CertClean Clean Beauty Awards. Thanks for nominating me, lovely Renata at Green Life in Dublin. I’m so happy to be part of these 5th annual awards that recognise truly green brands! The Clean Beauty Awards were created to celebrate the cleanest beauty products available globally. These awards aim to promote the growth of the clean beauty movement to help us all be safer and healthier, avoiding controversial and potentially harmful ingredients. The awards are hosted by CertClean in partnership with PurPicks. I was selected to judge lip care. So without further ado, here are the finalists in the lip care category. The top lip care How…