This post will help you put together a handy toddler first aid kit. Mobile babies and toddlers get in so many scrapes don’t they? Many of these ouchies are treatable at home with lots of cuddles and a few choice first aid kit items. When Jonah started to walk at 13 months, we realised we needed a first aid kit to treat his minor bumps and scrapes. We didn’t want to buy a first aid kit off the shelf, because we wanted more than just practical items like plasters, bandages, and dressings. We also wanted toddler-friendly and natural remedies that would ease common complaints and support Jonah’s body to heal itself. My husband and I aren’t very physical people, so we don’t get injured that often. And luckily, we don’t tend to get poorly much – apart from when Jonah brings the lurgies back from play group. Reflecting this, our…