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If you’re pregnant or a new mum wondering what you might need on your breastfeeding journey, this post is for you. Natural breastfeeding products – the breastfeeding essentials you’ll need for the first six months and beyond. These are my all-time favourite breastfeeding products, which have been invaluable to me. I’ve breastfed all four of my littles from birth until the age of 2, so I’ve tried a lot of breastfeeding products. Here are the products I return to again and again – from the best nipple balms, teas and support for mum, but also the best breast pumps, bottles for breastfeeding babies, and nursing pillows. My breastfeeding back story When I first wrote this post, I’d been breastfeeding Jonah for almost 17 months. We struggled at the start with painful latch, and we overcame it together. My mum breastfed me for a few weeks so had a little experience…