Welcome back my friend! Today, I’m delighted to introduce the beautiful multipurpose oil I’ve been using for the last few weeks – it’s Zowena Skin Barrier Support Oil! One of the essential skincare items of pregnancy is without a doubt a stretch mark oil or butter. In pregnancy, your skin is constantly changing right from day one. Alongside a growing bump, surging hormone levels are affecting your pregnancy skin too. Your first line of defence against skin problems such as stretch marks, itchiness, and scaly skin is moisturising every day. This skin-loving oil from Zowena is designed to support skin in pregnancy and beyond. It’s formulated to protect the skin’s natural barrier function and help it to retain essential moisture. It helps to prevent stretch marks from forming by keeping your skin strong, supple, and nourished. Use it daily on your body to enrich and soothe. It’s gentle enough to…