In this post, I review Lavera Basis Sensitiv Roll On Deodorant. These days, I’m able to forgo deodorant far more frequently. Despite being a healthy beauty product advocate, I try to minimise my use of personal care products as much as I can. Some days it just doesn’t matter if I’m not as fresh as a daisy. Jonah doesn’t care!

However when I do wear deodorant I’m pretty picky about what goes on my pits.

I’ve written previously about the aluminium in antiperspirant debate, and I still choose not to use aluminium salts on my skin. Not just because of aluminium controversy, but because I don’t want to suppress my skin’s sweating, or reduce the number of good bacteria in my underarms.

I’m a big fan of Lavera Basis Sensitiv deodorants which contain no aluminium salts or alcohol. The deodorants are certified by NaTrue and are suitable for use during pregnancy.

Lavera say that the deodorants give 24 hour protection. They are suitable for those with very sensitive skin.

The deodorants come in either a pump spray in a glass bottle, or a roll on in a plastic bottle – the subject of this review.

Applying the deodorant

The bottle is easy to grasp and the rollerball is big and applies the product evenly. The rollerball doesn’t drip from the sides. The deodorant is quite thick, sticking well to the underarm. It dries quickly – in about 2 minutes. It’s certainly dry by the time I’m ready to dress.

The deodorant doesn’t sting, even after shaving. It doesn’t leave white marks on clothing.

It has a light fresh fragrance, derived from essential oils, that is distinctly Lavera – slightly herbal but sweet like cola.

Let’s look at the beneficial ingredients:

Healing calendula

Soothing, calming, healing, and a great herb for skincare. Its wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties will help clear up any nicks or rashes in the underarm area. Calendula is used in a diverse range of natural skincare products, and for very good reason.


Cooling aloe vera

Soothing, cooling, and used to help heal wounds. Aloe vera gel moisturises without feeling greasy, making it ideal to keep underarms soft without any long lasting residue.

Aloe vera plant

Toning witch hazel

Witch hazel is astringent – it tightens tissue in the underarm and gives a feeling of toning and freshness.

Witch hazel tree

Moisturising jojoba seed oil

Jojoba seed oil is a good moisturiser – its composition is close in nature to human skin sebum. It is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, which makes it a great deodorant ingredient.

Jojoba fruits
Jojoba fruits by Kenneth Bosma CC-BY 2.0

Absorbent zinc oxide

Zinc oxide offers fantastic benefits as a natural deodorant. It’s wonderfully absorbent, plus it neutralises odour from sweat. It is antibacterial, so may go some way to controlling underarm bacteria.

Zinc oxide powder
Zinc oxide powder


Farnesol is a naturally occurring component in some essential oils. It’s a great addition to a deodorant since it kills odour causing bacteria.

How effective is Lavera Basis Sensitiv Deodorant?

At the end of the day, I’m not completely odourless after using Lavera Basis Sensitiv Deodorant, but I smell better than if I go without deodorant completely.

My experience is that protection from the deodorant does last 24 hours, but of course sweating will still occur, and it’s likely it will have some odour.

However, I will say that this is one of most effective no-aluminium deodorants I have used. I prefer it over Weleda’s range of spray on deodorants, which I love, but find slightly less effective.

Lavera Basis Sensitiv Roll On Deodorant

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Until next time!


Review of Lavera Basis Sensitiv Roll On Deodorant, an effective aluminium free deodorant with skin loving ingredients.

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