In this post, I’m reviewing the beautiful Weleda Nipple Balm.

Weleda is my absolute favourite natural skincare brand. As a family, we use so many of their gorgeous natural beauty and baby care products.

I was totally delighted to discover that the latest Weleda product is a nipple balm. Weleda is so supportive of the mother and baby journey, it’s really lovely.

There’s a range of calendula bathing products, nursing oil, and tummy oil – and now this nipple balm helps to complete the range.

Why do I need to use nipple balm? My baby is almost 16 months old – but recently my nipples have been damaged by Jonah’s teeth. He’s cutting four molars and four canines all at the same time.

Jonah dribbling

Biting isn’t really the problem, although he has clamped down on my nipple a couple of times. It’s the digging in of his teeth when he’s nursing to sleep that’s causing me pain. I have little indents in my nipples where his teeth have been digging in.

At its worst, my skin has broken and become really sore. Although, my pain must’ve been nothing compared with the pain Jonah’s experiencing.

A good nipple balm is so welcomed during these painful spells.

Weleda Nipple Balm can help care for and protect sore nipples. It can also help with any kind of chafing or rubbing. It contains calendula extract and moisturising plant oils that heal and soothe the skin.

As with other Weleda products, it is NaTrue certified.

Who should use Weleda Nipple Balm?

Mothers of newborns

Most new mothers experience pain when they first start breastfeeding. I don’t believe that nipples ‘toughen up’, but there’s certainly a period of adjustment at the start of breastfeeding.

Poor positioning and latch are often the root cause of nipple pain.

Jonah's first breastfeed

I remember being so sore at the start of our breastfeeding journey. I was slathering on Lansinoh Nipple Cream liberally between every feed.

If only Weleda Nipple Balm were available then, I’d definitely have bought it instead since it contains some lovely plant-based ingredients alongside protective lanolin.

Mothers of teething babies

A baby who is cutting teeth will often cause mum nipple pain. Teething disturbs the mouth and affects proper latching. The teeth rub against the nipple and can dig in. The new teeth often feel very sharp when they first come through.

Teething Jonah chewing a teether

Biting can cause substantial damage – here’s some suggestions on what to do when breastfeeding babies bite. Also check out how to heal your nipples after trauma.

With a teething baby or toddler, it usually just takes time for their latch to adjust before things get back to normal.

Mothers who are weaning off nipple shields

We used nipple shields for a few months until Jonah decided he didn’t want them anymore and we weaned off slowly, first by not using them at night, then progressing to daytime abstinence too.

I got sore again as my nipples adjusted to Jonah’s latch, and Jonah adjusted to not suckling through a shield.

Nipple shields are generally a temporary thing, and a nipple cream can help support the weaning process.

Athletes with “jogger’s nipple”

If your nipples are sore from rubbing against clothing, then a nipple cream could help form a barrier to protect against further chafing, and can help heal existing damage.

Let’s have a look at the beautiful ingredients.

Weleda Nipple Balm ingredients


Lanolin has been used for thousands of years as a barrier to protect the skin. It is occlusive, which means it locks moisture into the skin. Lanolin absorbs moisture from its surroundings, which increases its moisturising effect.

Lanolin is derived from wool

It’s a good idea to read up on lanolin sensitivity, which some people do experience. Personally, we have no problem whatsoever with lanolin. It is a natural product and it does a really good job of protecting skin.

A bit of Googling may lead you to some articles advising you to avoid lanolin for health reasons. I advise you to read this article if you are at all concerned.

The great thing about Weleda Nipple Balm is that it’s NaTrue certified, so has to adhere to high standards for a natural product.

Sunflower seed oil

This oil is moisturising, yet lightweight.


It contains linoleic acid which nourishes and soothes the nipple area.

Olive fruit oil

A fantastic moisturiser which restores the skin’s smoothness.

Olive fruits and oil

Olive oil is high in oleic acid which is good for moisturising lips and nipples, which need a heavier oil.

Calendula extract

The star ingredient in so many Weleda products. Calendula is both a homeopathic remedy and a herbal remedy.


Anti-inflammatory calendula helps skin to heal after trauma, and is smoothing. The herb stimulates skin’s collagen production. What an amazing herb! It’s no wonder Weleda use it in so many of their products.


Beeswax is a gentle moisturiser. Along with lanolin, beeswax helps to lock moisture in to the skin.

Other ingredients

The nipple balm also contains lanolin alcohol and tocopherol (vitamin E which occurs naturally in lanolin).

Using Weleda Nipple Balm

Weleda Nipple Balm is fragrance-free so you don’t need to worry about baby getting any kind of taste in their mouth. It does have a slight aroma of olive oil, which is quite pleasant.

Using Weleda Nipple Balm

The balm smoothes on really well and feels instantly comforting and soothing. It doesn’t feel too greasy and looks a bit shiny, although I’m sure baby won’t mind.

Weleda say there is no need to wash the nipple balm off before your baby’s next feed.

How effective is Weleda Nipple Balm?

After using Weleda Nipple Balm my nipples feel so much more comfortable – the effect is instant. When Jonah latched on it felt a lot more comfortable and I didn’t get that toe-curling feeling. After a few days of use my nipples had healed quite well.

Jonah’s teeth are still coming through and the trouble seems to come and go in waves, but for now I think we’re through the worst of his teething.

Final thoughts on Weleda Nipple Balm

Weleda Nipple Balm combines all the benefits of lanolin-based creams with the moisturising effects of plant oils. The addition of healing calendula makes this a powerhouse of a nipple cream.

I find the balm to be really effective at immediately soothing discomfort, and helping to heal nipple trauma caused by teeth.

I’m going to apply the nipple balm every now and again to keep my nipples in good condition, and will definitely be turning to it if Jonah’s teeth cause any trauma.

It’s also a great product to keep in stock should any member of my family need a barrier cream.

Weleda Nipple Balm

Buy Now – £5.50 at Amazon

Will you try Weleda Nipple Balm? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!


How to use Weleda Nipple Balm to heal sore nipples


  1. Wish there would have something like this back when I was nursing my babies. Sound like a great product.

  2. Emily Anne Reply

    Really really great review!! I’ll have to check out Weleda cream!

  3. Perfect timing! I am currently pregnant with my second child, and was planning on stocking up on things like nipple cream, nursing pads, and all those sorts of things that you tend to run out of at the worst possible times. I have always used Lansinoh, but this seems so much better! I’ll have to add some to the stash!

    • Oh wow, that is good timing! So pleased you found the post helpful. I can’t recommend Weleda products highly enough. I used Lansinoh but I’ll be using Weleda nipple balm from now on as it offers many more benefits. Thanks for reading!

  4. Your little one is adorable. Wonderful to see how you are taking care of yourself with this nipple balm and taking care of your baby.

  5. Wow this stuff sounds amazing! I’m totally sharing this post with some of my friends who are new mothers, because I know they’d love to hear about it. Thanks for the in depth review 🙂

  6. I personally was not successful nursing so cannot relate; however I know others that experienced the damaging. This product sounds wonderful. I love that it is safe for the baby too.

  7. I’m a doula and nurse nd encountered the question, that many of these natural products contain beeswax. However, honey is considered risk for possible botulism spores, in children under a year old. Just wondering what the difference is between beeswax and honey, in this regard.

    • Thanks so much for your interesting question. I passed your question on to Weleda who obviously are in a better position to give an accurate reply.

      All Weleda ingredients, including the beeswax in the nipple balm, meet pharmaceutical manufacturing standards which are higher than those normally required for cosmetics. Weleda products are manufactured in clean areas in their manufacturing suite which is GMP standard (i.e. approved for manufacturing licensed medicines), not on a kitchen table for example. But this does not fully answer your question about botulism.

      All Weleda ingredients have to be thoroughly checked by their Quality Control team before they are used – on arrival they enter a quarantine area where they are checked for purity and quality and contamination etc. The finished product and its individual components are also independently assessed by a regulated and authorised firm (AlphaChem) to check that a product is suitable for its designated use (i.e. in this case, a ‘leave on’ nipple balm) before it is released for sale.

      Weleda searched online for us on the subject of botulism and found a piece by entomologist Professor Marion Ellis, who is an expert in bees, who states:
      “I know of no evidence that there is any possibility of botulism spores being present on beeswax, and if present, they would be rendered inactive by the heat required to melt beeswax for incorporation in [a beeswax-based] product.”

      Weleda also checked with midwife, breastfeeding expert and Weleda baby skincare consultant Sharon Trotter, and she reassured us that she knows of no known risk to babies of beeswax in cosmetics.

      I hope this reassures you, and please let me know if you have any other queries on this product, and I will pass them on.

      • Thank you so much for that response! Very much appreciated. That definitely clears up my understanding on the matter. I wanted to be properly informed for when I handcraft or recommend these types of products for my clients

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