Natural beauty Christmas gifts to adore

Natural beauty Christmas gifts to adore

This post will help you choose the best natural beauty Christmas gifts for yourself or your loved ones. I would absolutely love to receive any of these fantastic natural beauty gifts!

That’s because on Christmas morning, you can find me under the Christmas tree, smelling the outside of presents trying to find “the smellies” gift. I eagerly open it, only to be disappointed.

It’s a beauty product I definitely wouldn’t use because it contains unhealthy ingredients.

Sigh. It’s disheartening isn’t it? As happy as I am to receive a lovely gift, I feel so strongly about natural skincare I just can’t go back to using mainstream toiletries from big brands.

I donate unwanted Christmas gifts to my favourite charity, as there will always be someone who does use these products and donating them ensures they don’t get wasted.

Without further ado, let’s dive straight into my pick of natural beauty Christmas gifts!

Natural beauty stocking fillers under £10

Isn’t it amazing what you can get for £10 or less? These cheap and very cheerful natural beauty Christmas stocking fillers will delight your recipient without creating a dent in your purse.

Alteya Organic Vanilla and Geranium Lip Balm

This gorgeous lip balm is great value for money and is so clean and natural.

Alteya Organic Lip Balm Vanilla and Geranium

The lip balm contains nourishing shea butter, sweet almond oil, and rosemary and geranium oils. It is certified organic.

Alteya Organic Vanilla and Geranium Lip Balm, £3.15 at Amazon.

MOA The Mini Green Balm

This cult product is a winter lifesaver! It has so many natural beauty and health uses.

MOA The Mini Green Balm

The Green Balm can be used in homemade pamper treatments for your scalp or face, or as a hot cloth cleansing balm.

As well as being a treat, it’s also a functional product for the whole family, and should be a staple in all natural first aid kits. The magic ingredient is anti-inflammatory yarrow, used in herbal medicine to treat irritations, rashes, and bites.

For mums-to-be, it’s a great addition to your hospital bag as it’s compact, yet works great for postpartum care.

MOA The Green Balm, £16.34 at Amazon.

Mádara Cranberry and Juniper Soap

How Christmassy and gorgeous is this soap in a cute pink jewel case from Latvian natural beauty company Mádara?

Mádara Cranberry and Juniper Hand and Body Soap

It contains jojoba oil which is a fantastic natural moisturiser. It does contain aroma which Mádara confirm is natural and safe.

Mádara Cranberry and Juniper Soap, £6 at Amazon.

Natural beauty Christmas gifts

For £10 to £20 you can get some pretty impressive natural beauty Christmas gifts. Over £20 and you’re really spoiling your recipient. Gifts are listed here in price order.

Lyonsleaf Hot Cloth Cleansing Gift Set

This beautiful gift set contains everything you need to get started with the oil cleansing method – for under £15. Amazing!

Lyonsleaf Hot Cloth Cleansing Gift Set

This gorgeous pack contains:

  • Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm
  • White cotton face flannel
  • 2 x two-ply muslin face cloths
  • Full instructions and information

Lyonsleaf Hot Cloth Cleansing Gift Set, £14.99 at Lyonsleaf.

Balm Balm Limited Edition Christmas Cracker

Balm Balm never cease to amaze me. The ingredients are so clean and there are so many lovely plant-based ingredients too.

Balm Balm Limited Edition Christmas Cracker

This awesome cracker contains:

  • Super Light Coconut Cleanser
  • Rose Floral Water
  • Little Miracle Rosehip Serum
  • Beauty Balm
  • Organic muslin cloth

Balm Balm Limited Edition Christmas Cracker, £12.99 at Balm Balm.

Balm Balm Single Note Perfume Gift Set

Five colourful organic eau de parfums based on essential oils, with no artificial fragrance.

Balm Balm Single Note Perfume Gift Set

The fragrances can be worn alone or combined in your own blend:

  • Bergamot
  • Mandarin
  • Ylang ylang
  • Rose geranium
  • Lavender

Balm Balm Single Note Perfume Gift Set, £16 at Balm Balm.

Weleda Skin Food Winter Survival Kit

This gorgeous kit contains Weleda’s signature versatile moisturiser – Skin Food, which is loved by celebrities like Victoria Beckham. Skin Food really pampers and heals winter-ravaged skin all over the body with its nourishing waxes, healing calendula, and soothing chamomile.

Weleda Skin Food Winter Survival Kit

The kit also contains Everon Lip Balm to protect your lips with moisturising shea butter, jojoba oil, and rose extract.

Weleda Skin Food Winter Survival Kit, £13.99 at Amazon.

Kiss The Moon DREAM Bedtime Bath Infusions

Pop one of these lovelies in your bath for an unwind experience like nothing else. The bath infusions contain epsom salts, dead sea salts, white tea, lavender, bergamot, cedarwood, and chamomile.

Kiss The Moon DREAM Bedtime Bath Infusions

Kiss The Moon have a beautiful range of natural beauty products aimed at easing you into a relaxing sleep.

Kiss The Moon DREAM Bedtime Bath Infusions, £20 at Kiss The Moon.

Natural beauty Christmas gifts for men

Men will love these fantastic natural beauty treats.

Dudu Osun African Black Soap

How cool is this unusual African soap, which gets its black colour from cocoa pod ashes. The soap is completely natural and contains really beautiful ingredients like shea butter, aloe vera, honey, palm oil, and African sandalwood. With such skin-loving ingredients, it moisturises while it cleans.

Dudu Osun Black Soap

Much healthier and trendier than your classic soap-on-a-rope!

Dudu Osun African Black Soap, £5.75 at Amazon.

Weleda Men’s Body Wash and Deodorant Duo

This gorgeous gift set contains a fragrant active shower gel, along with a 24-hour deodorant.

The shower gel works a treat for invigorating a sleepy head in the shower, with its stimulating and masculine fragrance from rosemary oil, may chang, and vetiver.

Weleda Men's Body Wash Deodorant Duo

The deodorant, with woodsy litsea cubeba and vetiver essential oils, is completely free of aluminium salts and gives 24-hour protection from odour.

Weleda Men’s Body Wash and Deodorant Duo, £13.45 at Amazon.

Old Faithful Wabi-Sabi Beard Oil

Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese term for acceptance in transience and imperfection. A bit like loving your other half’s mussy beard!

No men’s grooming kit would be complete without a good beard oil. This is a fantastic beard oil for evening use, with earthy and smoky vetiver to help him relax after a hard day.

Old Faithful Wabi-Sabi Beard Oil

Old Faithful Beard Oil fights the dreaded beardruff while softening wiry beard hairs. With its blend of hair-nourishing camellia seed oil, hydrating jojoba oil, and frizz-taming argan oil, it creates a moisturising barrier around the beard to keep it silky and soft.

Old Faithful Wabi-Sabi Beard Oil, £27 at Old Faithful.

Ermana Endure Men’s Gift Set

Really pamper him with this amazing gift set from Ermana. It contains their endure face oil plus tone muscle balm.

Ermana Endure Men's Gift Set

The face oil will keep his skin nourished with a beautiful blend of apricot, macadamia, and jojoba. Vitamin E will boost collagen production. Cedarwood and vetiver make this face oil smell divine and help with irritation from shaving.

The tone muscle balm soothes aching muscles and improves circulation after sports or physical exertion. Skin is nourished through a blend of rich shea and cocoa butters, sweet almond oil, and beeswax. Warming rosemary, eucalyptus and marjoram essential oils complete the blend.

Ermana Endure Men’s Gift Set, £48 at Ermana.

Natural beauty Christmas gifts for babies and kids

Babies and children will certainly appreciate these caring yet effective natural beauty Christmas gifts.

Green People Hello Baby Gift Set

A lovely gift for new babies and older babies alike, Green People products are certified organic, wonderfully clean, and will take good care of babba’s skin.

Green People Hello Baby Gift Set

The set contains an unscented body wash and shampoo, lavender dry skin baby lotion, along with lavender soothing baby salve.

Green People Hello Baby Gift Set, £7.97 at Amazon.

Weleda Calendula Flower Baby Care Gift Set

If you’ve read my blog before you’ll know how much I love the Weleda Calendula range of baby care products.

Weleda Calendula Flower Baby Care Gift Set

Like all Weleda products, the range is gentle, effective, and NaTrue certified.

It’s based on the wonderful calendula herb which helps heal and soothe their delicate and precious skin.

The beautiful set contains mini sizes of Weleda Calendula:

It would make such a perfect gift for a baby, or for those expecting a baby.

Weleda Calendula Flower Baby Care Gift Set, £16.78 at Amazon.

Jack N’ Jill Kids Dino Gift Kit

An awesome toothbrushing set for kids. This will definitely make tooth brushing a lot more fun!

Conventional kids toothpastes can be full of artificial sweeteners and other nasties. Jack N’ Jill toothpastes are rated as the safest kids toothpastes by EWG.

Jack N' Jill Kids Dino Gift Kit

The kit contains:

  • Dino storage and rinse cup
  • A tube of the amazing Jack N’ Jill organic toothpaste, banana flavour
  • Bio toothbrush with a cute dino design
  • 2 x silicone finger brushes

Jack N’ Jill Kids Dino Gift Kit, £16.89 at Superdrug.

Natural beauty subscription box

Subscription boxes are such an amazing way to discover new natural beauty brands and products, and take the guesswork out of choosing. I absolutely adore the LoveLula natural beauty subscription box. Each month you’ll receive some gorgeous products to try.

LoveLula natural beauty subscription box

Right now, LoveLula are offering 20% off beauty box subscriptions, no code required. The box ships worldwide, too. Amazing! The offers ends 30/11/2017.


I really hope you’ve found these natural beauty Christmas gift ideas helpful.

It’s a misconception that natural beauty products are always more expensive than mainstream beauty products. You don’t need to spend a fortune to treat your loved ones to something really healthy and pampering.

How will you treat your loved ones? Let me know in the comments section below. I’d really love to hear from you!

Treat yourself or your loved ones without overspending with these wonderful natural beauty Christmas gift picks.

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  1. Wow. Loving all of this especially the hot cloth cleansing set! Will have to add it to my own wish list

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  9. These look like amazing products! Are they available in the US also?

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  16. What a great natural list of gift ideas! I have been wanting to get more into giving natural gifts 🙂 so this is perfect and I see many items that I want to try myself.

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  17. Complete list of gifts for family, for mom, dad, and children. I don’t do skin care and beard care since I don’t have it, so for me using the deodorant and body wash for men is one that fits (y)

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  18. Great post!! I love all the great gift ideas, especially the ones for men. My husband has a beard, and I know he’d love some of those products.

    1. Thank you Rebecca! So glad you like the post. My husband has a beard too so I’ll be getting the items I’ve listed.

  19. These are some really awesome gift ideas! I know I would love to get one of these! I love that they’re all natural <3

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  22. This is a great list of ideas! I love using bar soap, so may have to check out Madara!

    1. Thank you! They have a lovely natural skincare and beauty range. Perfect for gifts!

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